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RedSpiderr 93

RedSpiderr has updated this deck: Saga Deck 3.2: An Island in the Fog

I used this deck for the second quest of my Saga Campaign. I am going to try and keep it as thematic as possible, stemming from the 'What If?' of 'What if Gandalf didn't escape from Orthanc in The Fellowship of the Ring?' Please note, I don't own all the cards, so am not able to make the most powerful thematic deck theoretically possible, but constrained by what I have, here is my best attempt.

Despite being dogged by Black Riders, Frodo and his companions make it across the Brandywine and escape to Crickhollow. They could not have made it without the aid of many friends and allies they met on the road, whether by fortune or fate. Haladon, a Dunedain from Sarn Ford; Luthien, a Sindarin Elf residing in Rivendell; Findol, an Elf of Lindon; Bofur and Dori, Dwarves of Erebor; Farmer Cotton and Rosie, hobbits from Westfarthing; and Gildor Inglorien of the House of Finrod.

The Deck: This deck is again primarily designed to handle the combat side of the quest. Ring Mail served us well being played on Tom Cotton, which put him on the same level as Beregond for . This will be boosted as much as possible with buffs from Bill the Pony or Dúnedain Warning from the partner deck. At least one Dagger of Westernesse needs to be played on Merry, hopefully two with a spare going on Sam Gamgee. Feint could be called on in a pinch to defend against the Tree enemies, especially Old Man Willow, but the main defender should be Tom Cotton who needs an Unexpected Courage to truely make him shine. There eleven enemies in the quest, so not a vast amount, but other than Army of Flies they hit hard. To that end, Marksman of Lórien hould soften them up after the Dúnedain Hunter has fetched them out of the encounter deck, while Longbeard Sentry with a Ring Mail will be helping Tom Cotton defend against Old Man Willow.

The Song of Travel is needed to get this deck firing on all cylinders, hence the inclusion of three of them, but friendly Elf-stones or Ranger Provisions will also help. Ancient Mathom will help share the love, and Secret Vigil with a seasoning of Hobbit Pipes/Smoke Rings will help in keeping threat low in preparation for Old Man WIllow's attacks. Elevenses will be invaluable in helping me to draw against the encounter deck during questing if I am on a manageable Stage 2, so I don't have to advance to a nastier one. Northern Trackers and Woodland Couriers will help circumvent the forced progression after questing successfully by placing progress to clear out locations and pick up that slack. Once a Woodland Courier comes in, they will become a prime target for Strength of Will. A West Road Traveller or two will swap out nasty locations from the staging area (Oppressive Forest) and help keep my questing going.

Thematically, this deck represents the allies that Frodo has gained during his escape from the Nazgul continuing to help him leave the Shire. Since Frodo crossed the Brandywine there has been no opportunity to gather no more companions so all the allies in this deck are part of the one used in A Shadow of The Past.

The play-through using this deck can be found here: