The Dain and the Discard

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Deadmen's Dike - 1 Player - 2019-06-09
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The Dain and the Discard 1 1 0 2.0
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Smokin' Sidequest Gandalf! - Beneath the Sands 1 0 0 1.0
Gandalf Mines his Way out of the Dungeons of Cirith Gurat 1 0 0 1.0
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Card Talk 1119

Now that I continue to tune this deck, I think it's okay to leave Glóin out in the cold. I know that there are ways to boost him and make him super Glóin, but this just isn't that deck. This is a solo deck and it needs to do everything. Gandalf is the man for most of it and Dáin Ironfoot can do the rest. Glóin is fine contributing his 2 and being a target for King Under the Mountain and Hardy Leadership.

As I have played the deck, I have found that I have really had to use Will of the West at least once per game to have access to all the cards. Here's how I've found that this particular deck works:

It seems to be vital to get Gandalf's toys on him soon. He is a powerful hero and Gandalf's Staff is a great for him, obviously. So your attachment acceleration should focus on his toys more than other things.

Unexpected Courage is also great to get out in the beginning and attaching it to Dáin Ironfoot can help with defending. Depending on the scenario, Gandalf could use the early game Unexpected Courage to both quest and attack. Also, with 3x Ered Luin Miner and 3x Hidden Cache, defending early with Dáin Ironfoot is great. Routinely, I have been able to get at least one of Gandalf's toys on him with at least some sort of ally in play in the first turn, if not more.

Gandalf should end up with Shadowfax, Narya, Gandalf's Staff, Wizard Pipe, and the Ring of Barahir which will give him +4 hit points, lots of readying, shadow cancelation, and all sorts of stuff other stuff.

Poor Glóin really gets the other attachments King Under the Mountain and Hardy Leadership. Not much else works for him here

I find that the best place for Steward of Gondor is on Dáin Ironfoot as well because Glóin can generate resources, the Hidden Cache can give you money often and Gandalf with Narya and the Magic Ring can give leadership resources. Gandalf's Staff should be used to make up for where ever you need the extra resource.

So where does Ancestral Armor go? I've played it on Dáin Ironfoot, Gimli, or Glóin, but I find that with the addition of 3x Squire's Helm, that the best target is probably Dáin Ironfoot in most cases. a 5 , 7 HP defender is formidable in most scenarios. If the encounter deck is swarming or in the happens to be lots of archery, I can see cases where a buffed Glóin is a good choice.

The Warden of Healing is a late addition that can heal characters or, when not healing, can quest for a point. If a Squire's Helm gets out on this guy, that's not too shabby.

Lastly, with all the readying that happens on Dáin Ironfoot and Gandalf, putting 1x Silver Lamp in the deck means that you never have to worry about a shadow card again. Also, with Durin's Song, Dáin Ironfoot can become a beast pretty quickly for the round.



Jun 11, 2019 Denison 594

That 34 threat freaks me out, but nice set of wins!

Jun 11, 2019 Card Talk 1119

@Denison I get that! I have found though that if you can last a few rounds, the The Galadhrim's Greeting get's recycled a bunch and it seems I've always ended with a threat much lower than the starting 34.