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Bard Lee's 2019 GenCon of Suffering
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BardLee4 29

More of a tournament report than a deck guide.

To preface, I rarely if ever play Hobbit decks. I don't really care for them, but I thought I'd get frisky and bring one to GenCon. This is supposed to be a Hobbit/Ents deck where the low threat and triggers of the Hobbits lets the slow build of the Ents happen for mid and late game. I've only included a couple of Secrecy cards and I tried Man the Walls because I thought it might be good with Ents since them come into play exhausted and I would be playing big multiplayer games. I don't really know if In the Shadows is any good, but I can play it for 0 and it should trigger.

I only played this in a painful 4p game of the 2nd quest of the deluxe Shadow of the (B)East. You know how this should be a Hobbit/Ents deck? Well, it only functioned 50% as I played 2 Ents total. While I did get early Resourceful, Hobbit Cloak, 2 Fast Hitch, 2 Dagger of Westernesse, Quickbeam, and Bill the Pony, basically nothing else happened. The saddest moment came when I had 2 The Shirefolk, but a location nerfed threat reduction cards by reducing them all to 1 and then we got a second copy in the staging area. I didn't play them until the 2nd last turn of the game. All of my Ents kept getting discarded to a treachery that discarded all allies from everyone's hands or from travel effects. Basically, that card came early and ended our game though we couldn't see it yet. I think we discarded about 14 allies including our Radagast player losing 2 Eagles of the Misty Mountains and 2 Warden of Healing which we needed desperately.

We lost; we got crushed really. Radagast died early due to a bad shadow. Chad kept whiffing on Prince Imrahil. He had an awesome plan to put Spare Hood and Cloak on his Beorn and boost his attack, but he kept having to defend with him. At one point, he played Gandalf with a Sneak Attack during staging and had this plan to cast him again in combat and then use Beorn and get the Cloaks back. Then, he got Knife in the Back 2.0 which turned Gandalf against him, blanked his text box, and forced Chad to fight him for the rest of the game. The worst part: I had the resources to hard cast Gandalf and waited for Chad's move, but then got blocked by Evil Gandalf sticking around. I ended up fighting a Quickbeam, but our Radagast RIP player ended up killing him Haldir of Lórien to free me up. We did have some good early success with Legolas and Merry attacking and readying Legolas. I played a Man the Walls that did basically nothing because we never had any allies in hand. No one got rolling at all.

I have no assessment of how this deck performed. An unknown treachery killed our game. Had Chris Jackson known it was there, he would've saved the resource for A Test of Will, but we would've been hit by it later when he possessed no cancel. A deck that relies on playing allies that discards all its allies can be hard to judge. It worked for the most part, I killed every enemy I engaged until the end, but I couldn't reduce my threat. I did get to shuffle in my foil Brosie Cotton so maybe it was a win after all.