Seastan's Nine Walkers

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Seastan 22544

This is my strictly thematic Fellowship deck. It turns out that there are a ton of really cool synergies between these characters that I only discovered once I started playing.


We use the some burst resource generation from Legacy of Númenor, Captain's Wisdom, Wealth of Gondor, and Send for Aid to get out all these unique allies as quickly as possible.

Card draw comes from Daeron's Runes, Drinking Song, and Gather Information (helps to find the last character usually), as well as Sneak Attack+Gandalf.

How does Sneak Attack work in a Fellowship deck you ask? Well, the goal here is to use it with Gandalf to draw cards and assemble your fellowship. Once you've got all the pieces, with Bill the Pony taking the 9th character slot, he says goodbye. Thematic right?

Any remaining Sneak-Gandalfs are still useful once you've assembled all 9 characters. For example, if you ever do lose a character, like say a surprise shadow effect or Bill had to get thrown under the Mumak, you can sneak in Gandalf to keep up the contract for the combat phase until you get a chance to play Bill's replacement in the next planning phase.

The Build

To get the Nine Walkers in play, you are forced into choosing Aragorn and Frodo as heroes, since they don't have ally versions. However, they each have multiple hero versions, and the third hero can be anyone, so there are quite a few possibilities for the hero lineup.

I settled on the lineup I did for a number of reasons. The fist step was realizing how expensive it was going to be to play out all the allies, which led me to using Legacy of Númenor to provide resource acceleration (shying away from using Steward of Gondor due the super strict theme requirement where I didn't even want to attach it to Boromir).

The Legacy strategy seemed promising, because I knew I wanted a Lore hero for access to card draw, and so Lore Aragorn could fulfill that role and at the same time counteract the threat gain from Legacy.

Choosing between Frodo Baggins and Frodo Baggins was the next choice, and it was a pretty easy one. There's only one spirit ally, while there are three leadership allies, so the deck definitely needed leadership access. I knew that the one spirit ally (Sam Gamgee) could be played pretty easily with A Good Harvest or Celebrían's Stone.

The last hero needed to be tactics, as there are several tactics allies among the nine walkers. And if I didn't choose Boromir or Legolas for that slot, it would mean I'd have to play two 4-cost tactics allies, which is pretty steep. I settled on Boromir for several reasons:

  • His threat cost is mitigated by both Aragorn's and Frodo's ability.
  • He gives the deck a solid defending hero with Gondorian Shield
  • With no setup, the hero lineup can quest for 5, defend a 6-strength attack, and retaliate for 6, which is a good starting formula for a solo deck.
  • He's a great target for Captain's Wisdom, which is helpful for generating the 6 tactics resources needed to play Legolas and Pippin.
  • Legolas is the better ally.
  • He triggers Sam Gamgee's ability.

As for the The One Ring, I felt I had to include it for thematic reasons, even though it hurts a fair bit (alongside Aragorn it feels more like a reduction of 10 off your elimination level rather than 5). Still, the fact that you do have Aragorn's ability and a lot of Gandalfs makes it manageable. The Master cards you choose to include here is up to you. I happen to like The Master Ring, but the upcoming Power of Command looks pretty enticing.

Hope you enjoy the deck. Post a comment if you have any ideas for improvement!


Jan 24, 2020 TheChad 4697


Jan 24, 2020 DarkPaladin13 2

I'm probably missing something here, but how do you utilize Gandalf once you have flipped the Fellowship to Side B? Or is that the point at which he "leaves" to fight the Balrog in Khazad-dum; only becoming playable again after Boromir uses his secondary action at Amon Hen to save the hobbits? Unless of course you leave poor Bill in the wilderness to find is own way home... But seriously, Gandalf is fully locked out after the flip to Side B unless another character leaves play, right? Or did I miss something?

Ps. As I play mostly solo, love themed decks, and am awestruck by the synergies you endlessly find, I'm really excited to play this deck that checks all three boxes. Thanks for all the work you put in for this community. :D

Jan 24, 2020 Seastan 22544

@DarkPaladin13 I answer this in the deck description :). Check out the last paragraph of the Overview section.

@TheChad Thanks!

Jan 24, 2020 DarkPaladin13 2

@SeastanWell, of course you did :D I guess I read the intro, then looked at the deck, and then jumped back to read the build, and totally skipped the overview... :P Thanks!

Jan 24, 2020 Levache 66

Looks like a really fun deck. On average, how many turns does it take to get your 9 unique characters out and flip over to Fellowship side B?

Jan 24, 2020 Seastan 22544

@Levache Maybe round 5 or 6? It's tricky, because it's essentially a 7 card combo (6 allies plus one card to get Sam into play). I find it helps if you get Legolas out early to build up your hand size so that you can do some deep Drinking Songs to find the missing pieces.

Jan 26, 2020 Christian_Medic 358

Great combo! That's the lineup I've settled on as well for being the strongest thematic one. Boromir is really the Star of the show and can make use of the extra stars for things like Hide tests and surprise attacks.