Mono Tactics Morgul Vale

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The Morgul Vale - Easy - 2 Players - 2020-06-02
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The Morgul Vale - Mono Tactics and Lore
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oxnateri 84

This deck is largely looking to buff heroes:

Some other targets for attachments:

The Nazgul final boss in the Morgul Vale can only take one damage at a time, so Spear of the Citadel and Gondorian Spearman are solid cards to have in play for the final stage. Paired up with Ranger Bow from the fellowship deck, the hope is to take down the Nazgul in 1-2 turns via direct damage in 1 point increments.

Hard mulligan for Feint to hold off Murzog and recycle with #Hama as needed. Getting Song of Kings in the opening hand is actually fairly important to maximize use of Gandalf since he's the only thread reduction for the deck and Morgul Vale is loaded with savage cards that increase threat.