A Lady, an Elf, and a Thorongil

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A quick update to my dual-sphere Caldara deck. ("A dual-sphere Caldara deck?!" you ask? Yes, it's cool, it works, read the original decklist for general theory and piloting instructions.)

A lot of LothĂ­riel decks like running Tactics Imrahil for the synergy; both sneak in allies with shared traits, and since they're both Gondor heroes, there's a lot of overlap in the pool of viable targets.

Of course we're not running Tactics Imrahil because we're running Ally Imrahil. But a newly spoiled card, Thorongil (proxied here by Kahliel's Headdress), lets you attach a second copy of a hero card with the same title, letting us essentially paste Tactics Imrahil's ability into Ally Imrahil's text box. Cool!

Otherwise it's just the same deck. Once you get set up, Imrahil will be able to pull in some of the big Spirit allies that you might have missed with Caldara (Elfhelm, Glorfindel, or Jubayr, but not the Northern Trackers or SĂșlien).

Imrahil also makes great use of two utility Gondor allies. If you're short on defense, trigger at the beginning of combat and hope you land on Envoy of Pelargir (who immediately recoups the resource spent to grab her and functions as a free chump), or Mablung (who pushes the enemy away so you don't need to defend).

If you'd rather be more aggressive, you can wait until after you're done resolving enemy attacks before triggering, in which case the Envoy is a free point of attack or Mablung lets you pull an enemy out of staging to murder (without having to defend first).

Eventually as your deck thins out most of the cards remaining will be questers that Lothiriel keeps shuffling back, at which point it's great to get Elf-friend on Imrahil so he can let you pull in those Galadriel's Handmaidens and Elronds twice per round.

Oh, I've also added The One Ring and Well Preserved into the sideboard. Feel free to add it in (and also to replace Well Preserved with any other Master card you want). It's mostly there to give you an extra card in your starting hand to make your Drinking Songs stronger. It's a weak bonus that's not making or breaking anything either way, so it's up to you whether you want to add it (and potentially block another deck from using it to better effect, and also risk the lower threat elimination level).

If you do use it though just don't put it on Caldara.