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GusOrriols 390

After more testing, this is the second version (I think this is a better version, indeed) about my thematic Fellowship of the Ring deck:

This is a Thematic Deck for The Fellowship of the Ring using the contract Fellowship. It's very fun to play solo and multiplayer.

The focus is to play, on mid/late game, with the 9 members of the fellowship. Elrond is here to represent the council where the fellowship was created (with his Vilya ring joining the members to the party).

The great difference with the version 1.0 of the deck is the inclusion of The One Ring. Power of Command is the selected first Master card to keep in hand. It allows you to quest for 8 in turn one with possibility of adding 3 more if you play that card. Another possibility is to take a copy of The Master Ring at the start to have a cancellation in hand since turn one and let the deck work more save.

The threat starts high (34) and with the ring you are out with 45. Frodo Baggins is the key to manage this. Don't use his resource for any card, only for his ability. He, with 2 copies of Woodmen's Clearing will be enough, but you can add The Galadhrim's Greeting if you feel more comfortable or the quest has a huge Doomed treacheries. Also Reforged can bring back a Woodmen's Clearing.

Don't forget that, with the contract flipped (+1 on each character), using the Power of Command adds another +1 on each character. If you let Merry be the last one of joining the fellowship, another +1 to allies.

The combo with Gandalf + Wizard Pipe + Elrond + Vilya is not necessary to explain.

Mulligan for Vilya. The Wizard Pipe is the other key card on this combo, but is not enough to keep your hand. Three copies of Vilya and 1 of Word of Command (with a lot of card draw) are there to find this ring. When you have the ring, go to quest with Frodo Baggins and Elrond, spend a Frodo's resource to ready Elrond and prepare the top card of your deck with the Wizard Pipe. Vilya do his magic. Try to play the cheap hobbits through Elrond/Gandalf resources and the other 3 allies through the ring.

In mid/late game, if the damages is controlled, with the contract flipped, you can use Helm of Secrecy to bring Aragorn witch lose Vilya, of course, but keep the other stuff that Elrond has. And you have all the 9 companions on the table! (thanks to Elrond, so thematic). Also, you can reset your threat to 34 if you choose Lore Aragorn.

Expert Treasure-hunter on each hero to draw 3 extra cards each round and your deck will be empty in turn 7 or 8.

Song of Healing (that one is REALLY amazing with Elrond) is used to discard other multiple copies of unique cards. Use Will of the West to recycle all your discard pile in order to get more cards to be discarded for Song of Healing.

Strider's Path and Explorer's Almanac are very cheap and good to manage locations problems. When you are with the contract flipped, your willpower + Explorer's Almanac perform an amazing turns. You can replace some card for Lembas, Drinking Song or any other card (even the master cards) on the sideboard. It depends on the quest.

Have fun!


Dec 02, 2020 serpico 92

Thx!!! I will try this deck

Dec 02, 2020 GusOrriols 390

@serpico It will be awesome if you can give me your feedback if you try it! Thank you very much!

Dec 02, 2020 Thrakhath 34

Sooooo... you can never have the whole fellowship in play with this deck because Fellowship denies you any more allies once you get to 9.

Dec 02, 2020 Thrakhath 34

I just saw the helm of secrecy. Ignore me!

Dec 08, 2020 bdavis96 79

I am definitely wanting to try this out, but I have a question:

1) Vilya - The "if able" seems to trip me up. So are we able to exhaust Elrond and Vilya during any Action window to "play or put into play" any Ally, Attachment, or Event unless there is a requirement (like trying to play Woodman's Clearing when there is no locations in play)?

I like the thematic approach to Aragorn "replacing" the books Elrond raised Aragorn. So I might try to see if I can fit in playing Sword that was Broken, Ring of Barahir, and Celebrian's stone on Elrond, so when Helm of Secrecy is played, Elrond is also passing those items to Aragorn.

Dec 08, 2020 GusOrriols 390

Hi @bdavis96. I'm glad you gonna try it! Please, let me know how it works for you!

The answer for Vilya thing. Yes. Any action window. It's magically awesome!

Dec 08, 2020 bdavis96 79

I meant to refine my last comment's question as (subject to the top card)...So Gandalf allows us to play with the top card face up (which takes away the guess work of Elrond and Vilya), Wizard pipe allows us to switch that card with a card in our hand if needs be. So now apply my previous question as...can we play whatever face up card during any action window? IE can we play Attachments and Allies during any non-Planning phase (as long as there aren't any other requirements?)

Dec 08, 2020 GusOrriols 390


Apr 01, 2021 serpico 92

hola gus! I used your deck as promised in many games! it is satisfactory, but I have made some changes: (explain to me how you make the link of the card appear instead of writing it as I do, who are impractical with the PC) anyway

  • Stand and Fight 1

  • Strider's Path 2 (I have to get the expansion from a friend of mine from America but with this covid I get it in August :)) -Will of the West 1 -Reforged 1 with elrond and gandalf these cards rarely worked and I preferred something else

  • Hidden Cache x2

  • Elf-stone x 3 for more opportunities besides vilya to play allies

otherwise it runs well and I enjoyed the cycle of angmar and the voice of isengard

thanks for the inspiration and see you soon if I have more news

Apr 01, 2021 GusOrriols 390

@serpicoOh! I'm so happy that you find it funny and functional! Your changes are very good ones (and they keep the thematic spirit of the deck).

I also changed Reforged (with Frodo Baggins it's not necessary to bring back the Woodmen's Clearing) and Stand and Fight. Will of the West no, because it is so useful for me to recharge my deck in order to feed Song of Healing action.

Elf-stone is a very good add to accelerate the contract. Awesome! I'll give it a try for sure! Maybe I will post a v3.0 updated with the Elf-stones.

For link the card you only have to type # and then the name of the card.

Apr 01, 2021 serpico 92

Ah ok!! And for the sideboard;) ? Another question; when you're playing a scenario that gives you an unique ally like arwen this ally would be one of the 9 fellowship memeber? I played in this direction, it's right?

Apr 01, 2021 GusOrriols 390

@serpico of course. Each character you control works. For example, If you play with another player and you have 9 characters. You can receive this kind of Ally, wich get the boost also, following the writing of the contract.

About the sideboard...I have to think. Haha

Apr 01, 2021 doomguard 747

if the unique ally goes with the starting player, only solo