Elves of Lorien - Starter Deck

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Passage Through Mirkwood - Easy - 1 Player - 2022-05-12
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Starter-ship of the Ring.
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pandom 3023

The official Wood-elves Starter Deck was released 2022-03-11.

"In the Wide World the Wood-elves lingered in the twilight of our Sun and Moon... and they wandered in the great forests that grew tall in lands that are now lost."

This starter pack contains everything you need to play a Silvan-themed deck for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.

Playing the Wood-elves Starter Deck

The Wood-elves are reclusive people, preferring to ambush their enemies rather than meet them head-on. To play this deck you will want to focus on situational efficiency and graceful adaptation.

The deck is built around a number of Silvan allies with specific one-time abilities focused on when they enter play such as Naith Guide and Galadhrim Minstrel. These are then combined with effects that allow you to return an ally to your hand.

Try to identify the character with abilities that are going to be most helpful given the circumstances of the game, and then use a return-to-hand effect from an event (such as The Tree People) to get an extra use of the ability. When you are setup with a handful of Silvan allies in play, aim to use Host of Galadhrimfor a powerful and potentially game-winning turn.

Because this deck uses three spheres, balancing your resources may be a little more challenging than with other decks. The Nenyaattachment can be used to add the lore icon to Galadriel, and this should help mitigate this challenge.

Many of the ally cards in this deck (such as Galadriel's Handmaiden) also have low hit point values so take care to protect your board from effects that can damage multiple characters at once.

Some abilities may be more useful later in the game. If you draw an ally like Orophin, consider holding on to him until there is a good target in your discard pile for his return-to-hand effect.


Mar 04, 2022 TheGameLocker 136

How'd you get the starter decks so early?

Mar 04, 2022 RereadtheSeries 1


Mar 04, 2022 TheGameLocker 136

I'm really surprised by Elrond & Vilya, I was expecting Thranduil & The Elvenking. And WHERE IS Mirror of Galadriel?? I wish they would have cut Elron's Counsel or Wingfoot for that.

Mar 04, 2022 kypatzer 78

The fact that we did not get Thranduil leads me to believe that the Ered Mithrin cycle is one they are planning on re-releasing soon.

Mar 04, 2022 kypatzer 78

I also noticed that this deck has no way of playing the tactics attachment and event cards. I guess they intended for new players to put Legolas from the core into the mix if they want to play those cards.

Mar 04, 2022 pandom 3023

Yeah, I suspect the Elves deck, like others, has sideboards that either augment the deck or augment the revised core!

Mar 06, 2022 Thies 55

Wingfoot also seems strange to include when Light of Valinor is playable on multiple of the heroes, not appropriate for the other starter decks, in sphere and just straight up better. Maybe also for mixing with the core? Although with that version of Aragorn already having built in readying after questing, the only real target is Beravor.

Mar 06, 2022 pandom 3023

I think a lot of the side board logic augments the main deck along with core. Take the assumption you're new and buying revised content - Core + Paths + 4 starters gives you a lot of good things.

This would be true of Bow of the Galadhrim, Pursuing the Enemy , or Hands Upon the Bow as they augment Legolas nicely. Rúmil and Galadhon Archer can come in via Elrond and Vilya.

Mar 06, 2022 quietrider 1

The starter deck comes with all this cards including the sideboard? If that's the case it really makes me want to buy all of them...

Mar 06, 2022 Ageolite 39

I do have a Silvan deck built and I use hero line-up Galadriel, Celeborn and Thranduil, I am missing Light of Valinor and Mirror of Galadriel, and I admit for the second, I do have Silver Harp in the deck. I also have Ally version of Legolas in there for some card draw. And I definitely have Elven king there.

Mar 07, 2022 MarvelsTold 4

@kypatzer it's a terrible idea, but Elrond and Vilya can get those tactics cards into play.

Mar 07, 2022 Ageolite 39

@MarvelsTold the issue is that you are doing it blind and you do not even have a way to get Elrond ready, so it is a complete waste of his stats. You can argue you have a good way of hitting something, but the events would not work stil... That would be a pure luck. I admit I never played Haldir yet as hero, but the bow of the Galadhrim would be rather good to have on him. Also no weapon there for him, so his ability is pretty much wasted.

Mar 07, 2022 pandom 3023

Agree with @Ageolite. I'd be wanting Unexpected Courage and Imladris Stargazer to manipulate my deck to ensure Elrond was pushing out the expensive things.

Even simply being able to play an awareness of coming changes the dynamic.

Mar 07, 2022 MarvelsTold 4

@Ageolite I figured saying Vilya is a terrible idea in this build summed it up. The events should still work, too, though even more terribly. That said, I'm looking forward to trying a build with Legolas.

Mar 19, 2022 Marctimmins89 32

I have 3/4 of the starter decks and this one is by far my favourite. It feels so powerful, and dropping Host of Galadhrim at just the right time is amazing. So much fun.

Aug 07, 2022 Vancelas 1

With a few minor tweaks using cards within the pack, this deck is VERY strong. I beat 2 scenarios on the first try and ran through one of them again just to make sure. I think it's a little overpowered.