The White Council

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Knefrod 76

Therefore at last the Council was again summoned and the lore of the Rings was much debated...

―The Silmarillion, Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age

About this deck

A thematic deck that tries to get the most out of my favourite hero,  Glorfindel. With this deck, I think I've finally archieved a build that is both thematic and powerful. Let's just pretend that Elrond does't exists, and couldn't do everything Glorfindel does but better.

Due to the number of Doomed cards, this deck is primarly built for solo play, but should work in multiplayer.

How does it plays

The deck takes a while to setup, the repetable threat reduction of Galadriel and Council of the Wise should allow you to turtle until you've built a decent board state.

Glorfindel is the focus of the deck, it's your main quester, defender and attacker: every attachment except Nenya and Mirror of Galadriel goes on him.

With a bit of luck you can get Glorfindel to quest for 5 , defend with 4 (Arwen Undómiel, Cloak of Lórien, Dúnedain Warning) and 8 (Ring of Barahir, Magic Ring, Spare Pipe, Celebrían's Stone) and attack for 3 .

Rumour from the Earth and Salvaged Supplies can be infinitely recurred and used to trigger the contract's response twice each round.

Elrond and Saruman can quest and attack/defend thanks to Galadriel's effect. Saruman can be fetched with The Seeing-stone if you need attack/defense power and don't mind the threat raise.

You can trigger Roving Herbmaster each turn with Galadriel's, further improving her action.


Substitute Sailor of Lune with Bree-land Protector in combat heavy quests, also a good alternative to Arwen Undómiel since she's a popular hero.


Sep 22, 2022 NERD 721

I am honestly just impressed that you managed to make a Council of the Wise deck with more than 50 cards. However, you should definitely cut some. What is the purpose of We Are Not Idle if you have more than 50 cards?

Sep 22, 2022 Sockheavn 5

Let me apologize I know this doesn’t belong here but can someone help me? I need the PDF for the Land of Sorrows (second to last pack in the Vengeance of Mordor cycle. I’ve posted this on Bgg, but honestly I think this place is more active and more likely to people who own it.

I apologize again, I’ve been looking around for a few days. I’ve even sent a message to fantasy flight but they are no help. They just pointed me to their incomplete list… then Ignored me.

Sep 22, 2022 Sockheavn 5

Sockheavn at

Sep 22, 2022 kjeld 543

We Are Not Idle gives a bonus from Council of the Wise and replaces itself. It's an auto-include in any CotW deck.

Sep 23, 2022 Knefrod 76

@NERD while I do think that that most of the time trimming a deck to 50 cards, in this particular case 54 cards are fine.

To trigger the contract consistently we need to play a lot of events so cutting them is not an option. We also need to build a decent board state, so removing allies is not an option either. If you really wanted you could trim a couple of attachment (maybe Miruvor and Dúnedain Warning) but that defeats the idea of turning Glorfindel as a powerful defender/attacker/quester.

For this deck, it's not unusual to draw three cards per turn (resource phase, Galadriel's action, Council of the Wise response, Gildor Inglorion's action) without even counting events like Heed the Dream, Daeron's Runes, Deep Knowledge.

You could cut Elrond, but it isn't wise to hold a council without him!