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PablOvi 414

I've created this deck as a companion deck for my main dwarven deck. Even though it is quite solid by itself, this deck is not intended to be played alone.

Cards like the Longbeard Elder, Hardy Leadership or Lure of Moria will be way better with another dwarven company on the table.



Notable omissions:


  • Thalin <> Thorin Stonehelm
    • Once Gimli is no longer needed for questing tasks, maybe it is better to start assigning Thalin into the mission, instead of having both Thorin and Gimli ready for the combat phase.
  • Foe-hammer
    • It's probably the best card we can have to improve card-drawing. However, it needs some setup to work and our major problem is do not find the King Under the Mountain in the early-game.
  • Lure of Moria
    • The Lure is a bit expensive but his ability is game-ending.

Mar 22, 2024 doomguard 1963

if you make a fellowship of this 2 decks its easier to give a well rounded comment.

Mar 22, 2024 PablOvi 414

@doomguard Here it is :)

Mar 23, 2024 doomguard 1963

i like dwarves and with 2 dwarfdecks i played the most content.: so o. k.. now regarding the whole fellowship, i think heavy tracheries can make problems.

i think giving the Thorin Oakenshield a spirithero (would choose Óin he gains tactic soon) with Gimli and Thorin Oakenshield, there seem enough attackpower.

doing this i would add 3 A Test of Will and the Zigil Miner here (specially because you have the Hidden Cache and Ered Luin Miner in this deck) if you do not have 6 A Test of Will i would make proxies (having rev core + elves i think you have at least 5?)

the Zigil Miner could be easily swapped with We Are Not Idle then ther should be made room for the 3 A Test of Will each.

would discard uneffective cards like:

in the other:

with my suggestions you will have better mining (give the King Under the Mountain to #thorin) and have some A Test of Will against nasty tracheries. if you can make room in either of the decks, i would consider 1-2 Untroubled by Darkness for heavy questing rounds

hope you appriciate my thoughts ;)

Mar 25, 2024 PablOvi 414

Hey @doomguard. Yes!! Realy appreciate your comments. Thank you :)

The idea of replacing Thorin Stonehelm by Óin was also in my mind. I decided to keep Thorin Stonehelm just because with him I can play the Veteran Axehand from round 1.

Moving the Zigil Miners sounds like a good plan. Will see how I can bring A Test of Will to these decks, as well.

Thank you again.

Mar 26, 2024 Marctimmins89 105

I presume you don't own Dwarrowdelf Axe? Putting that on Thorin S always makes me happy.