A fine working company

Emmental 151


Apologies for the mistakes, english is not my native language x)

You are leading a top Mírdain compagny of Silvans and Dwarves, and these decks are forming your special team on a new "Lord of the Rings" project a special command for M. Annatar.

Firstly, you have the Chiefs. The important ones, so always list them first. They are not really working ("You really want to exhaust me?" — M. Dáin, probably) and prefer hire some kind of fancy celebrity consultant for half a day. Well, they plan a team breakfast from time to time. And sales are good at changing the client's mind when he is... too shadowy. They also hope that the young associate that works extra hours will soon get promoted.

They are really good at wasting the compagny cards, but you can get some fancy advertising stuff like notepads or pens this way so i guess it's okay. Oh, and they can even offer you a bonus (a raise? don't be silly, that's not for you) if you can convice them of the quality of your work.

So here comes the workorce. They get the job done. They are very efficient (you don't really know how, but they are 2 times more productive than the average employee : 5 ressources/turn and 2 card on every round after the first). They are really good at craking problems with their insane , but don't waste their time on administrative tasks like . Their moto: Move fast and break things.

So, if you want more quality-oriented job, check the diva experts. What is an expert ? Somebody who asks you for more money, who is clearly not working 99% of the time, and can get you a solution when everyone else coudn't. Their work is a beautiful lace, a bit fragile but highly powerfull. And someone here really loves the administrative work. They bore themself easily, so the trick is to let them rebuild everything from scratch every round. Yes M. Celeborn, it's costly, can we get some additional line of budget again ?

And then you have the interns. They are sitting next to the coffee machine, you have not a clue why they are here (she is just a relative of the diva !) and how they can help you. Well, you give them the boring job, that noone want but make the system rolling : waxing M. Dain's shoes, put the dust under the carpet, give a hand to start the production, start the production alone with almost no problem, ...

Maybe one of them could even learn something on the way and become usefull.

Piloting notes :

Direction : Narvi's Belt is for Thorin Oakenshield, O Lórien! for Bifur, Steward of Gondor for Balin. Elvenking is a nobo with Well-Equipped (but you can salvage it with second brekfast, alongside the one-use attachments from the other decks), best target is probably Rossiel. Bounce Gandalf until victory.

Workers : Mulligan for Erebor Record Keeper, Dwarven Sellsword or A Good Harvest so you can have 5 dwarves asap. Dori is probably the best target for the extra readiyng cards (Unexpected Courage and Ring of Thrór)

Experts : nothing to see here, just another Silvan Deck. By moving O Lórien! to the direction deck, you can have The Burglar's Turn, wich is a nice addition to the expert theme (for example additionnal quest points = your experts want to do a perfect job).

Interns : (MotK) Arwen allows Dáin or Thranduil to make powerful defense from turn 1. I would probably have many tweaks to make to this deck if i play one day this fellowship^^


Apr 01, 2021 Alonewolf87 1050

Cool idea. Consider adding some Strength of Arms in The Direction deck, it would work wonder in a Fellowship like this.

Apr 01, 2021 doomguard 647

nice to read ^^