The woodsmen burgler

Kaspatou 520


Burglar deck attempt for duo with synergies.

These decks use certain cards that are not usually played, nevertheless with a few Alep cards it becomes playable and even better very nice to play I think.

Choice of heroes:

Aragorn allows you to play doomed cards and therefore to accelerate all outings. With Desperate Alliance it allows to manage the threat of both decks. There are also Elrond's Counsel in the Arwen deck, a Double Back, Woodmen's Clearing if one wants to stay low despite the doomed.

Aragorn is also there for the stolen attachments, he allows to put the Sword that was Broken
We give Steward of Gondor to Aragorn because he has a lot of cards to pay.

The fear of a burglar deck is having no locations. So we have 6 Dunedain Pathfinder to get some as well as Widfast with Gavin. Gavin generates resources, can add locations and will straighten Lanwyn thanks to the surge keywords. We can therefore always put Lanwyn on a quest which will sometimes quest at 4 and then ranged 3

Arwen Undómiel allows you to draw and give resources to Aragorn if the steward doesn't come out fast enough. With Elendilmir and Elven-light we draw 2 cards/turn.

Rowan generates resources and helps the deck to go fast. In particular thanks to its sphere (Legacy of Númenor + steward). We draw so many cards...

Haldan like Lanwyn car quest for free as attack 3 but in addition he should draw 3 cards on average every turn!

Rest of the deck :

Some travel effects are managed by the Strider's Path (excellent here because it allows us to travel once more so we have our attachments stolen more quickly) as well as by West Road Traveller

The x6 allies that work particularly well with the mechanics are Mirkwood Hunter: 2/2/2/3 ranged for often a cost of 1 and Forest Road Traveler who will often have 4/4 stats when it costs 2.

These allies will be strong because there will be attached to the locations the stolen attachments as well as all the location attachments (Ancient Mathom,Elf-stone, Woodmen's Clearing etc.). Reforged allows you to recover these best attachments and replay them.

Many cards are questing hard which makes it possible to avoid the locations lock and to advance quickly on the quest.

Regarding fight, both decks are theoretically capable of engaging enemies, depending on how the decks come out. Rowan is the #1 defender with Inner Strength so 4 def and shadow cancellation, it will go up to 6 def thanks to the Gift of Foresight

I won very easily (more than i expected !) my test games with those decks.

Don't hesitate if you have any suggestions!