Chasing Dreams

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From the Halls of Cirdan the Shores of Umbar
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RogueWraith 93

A fairly typical yet powerful Noldor discard deck capable of massive questing, decent defense, and just enough attack to get the job done. It was built with a companion deck (see the Fellowship) to take on the Grey Havens and Dreamchaser Cycle, but it has proven its worth against other scenarios as well.


Use Galdor's discard ability to drop any of your events, possibly even A Test of Will. To the Sea, to the Sea! is good to see, as are the twins Elladan and Elrohir, but the deck draws cards fast enough its generally not an issue if they aren't immediately available. It is good to get down a defender to cover for the high starting threat. Círdan the Shipwright and Arwen Undómiel can defend in a pinch.

By turn three, you should be able to discard your last card and trigger Galdor's second ability to draw a new hand. You should also have a few allies down, and hopefully Narya. If readying hasn't appeared for Círdan yet, you will have to make strategic choices about whether to exhaust him for Narya or to quest him.

In the late game, resources are usually less useful than cards, so Elven-light should be used liberally to provide fodder for readying Glorfindel, healing with the Imladris Caregiver, triggering Heir of Mardil, or keeping Lindon Navigators in play. Lords of the Eldar is great for the final push.


Elladan and Elrohir are the most important. Together, they quest, attack, and defend at four for each stat total with Narya. Glorfindel of course has excellent stats, and combining his with Elladan's is usually enough to put down bigger enemies. The Guardian of Rivendell is expensive (mostly for forcing discards when entering play), but pretty flexible, and he helps cover defense if Elrohir is unable to. Warden of the Havens rounds out the combat allies. He is mostly an emergency outlet for defense, as it can be hard to get attachments on top of the discard pile. He can generally take an attack or two with unbuffed before succumbing.

The rest of the allies are questing and support. Imladris Caregivers mop up damage effectively enough. Lindir can replenish your hand if he turns up after you've already used Galdor's ability. The Lindon Navigators are mostly for sailing quests, but are useful for any quest featuring tests that require exhausting characters. Lastly, the Sailor of Lune quests, and sometimes you can use their "no-damage" ability to tank a boss attack during the quest phase.


Narya is the star of the show, giving the twins the power to slice and dice the enemy. Readying like Heir of Mardil and Unexpected Courage lets Círdan quest before using his ring. To the Sea, to the Sea! and Silver Harp have generally obvious usefulness. The former is usually more useful at the beginning of a game, the latter towards the end. Lembas is useful healing. Cloak of Lórien makes Elrohir more robust, but I've also used it on Círdan or Arwen to turn them into credible defenders in the early game as well.


There's nothing too unusual about the events. It is best to let two of Elwing's Flight and one The Evening Star go by before playing a copy. A Test of Will and The Galadhrim's Greeting are fairly standard, and Elven-light, Lords of the Eldar is expensive, but usually good for a big push or do-or-die moment.


I do not own Light of Valinor, so Heir of Mardil and Unexpected Courage perform makeshift duty. Don't be afraid to put both on Círdan, as his other stats can be useful in a pinch. Elrond's Counsel would also be a better, cheaper alternative to The Galadhrim's Greeting, but that requires owning it, hence its exclusion from my deck.

I initially included Will of the West, but didn't draw enough to warrant needing it. Even if you do draw through the deck its not the end of the world, as you can just recycle Lords of the Eldar endlessly. Will of the West is most useful if all three copies of Elrohir wind up in the discard pile (Elladan too, but his brother is the more likely).

Hasty Stroke rarely saw play. I was often disappointed to see it, because the desire to discard it warred with the desire to hang on to it until needed. Usually, I had something more important to do with it. The nice thing about Noldor is that even a dead card is still a useful one.