Im Caldarahil

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Conflict at the Carrock - 2 Players - 2019-02-02
A Journey to Rhosgobel - 2 Players - 2019-02-11
The Hills of Emyn Muil - 2 Players - 2019-02-16
The Dead Marshes - 2 Players - 2019-02-16
Return to Mirkwood - 2 Players - 2019-02-17
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Caldara 2.0 156 123 34 1.0
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Im Caldarahil 0 0 1 2.0
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Igloo 50

Igloo has a newer deck inspired by this one: Im Caldarahil

Hey Gang!

This is basically Seastan’s Caldera 2.0 deck with some minor modifications to hopefully pair with another Seastan deck, Gondor Swarm 2018.

First, I swapped out Sailor of Lune for Rhovanion Outrider. Although it is an increase of 1 cost, it adds a bit more location control along with Northern Tracker.

Second, I swapped out Ranger of Cardolan for White Tower Watchman for a decrease in 1 cost. Since the plan is to always have a resource on Boromir with Visionary Leadership, this gets the White Tower Watchman close in stat line with the ability to absorb undefended attacks.

Third, I swapped out A Good Harvest for Stand and Fight. This will be really the only way to bring in Imladris Caregiver aside from A Very Good Tale. Also, it seems like a good way to bring back Prince Imrahil from the graveyard should he be eliminated as a hero.

Lastly, I snuck in Damrod to be a 3 ally. Who knows, the special ability might come in handy!

Please check out Seastan’s detailed write up on how to pilot the deck. It is very thorough.


Feb 19, 2019 wehehe 680

I'm also playing a deck based in Seastan's Caldara 2.0. A card which I find to work very well in this deck is Wild Stallion, as it is another cheap in-sphere way to buff Jubayr's statistics.

Feb 19, 2019 Igloo 50

That’s a good idea! Treebeard and Glorfindel would be other good targets. It will work with Stand and Fight as well if it gets chucked into the discard pile.

So far, I haven’t had much use for A Very Good Tale. I get why its in the deck, but it never comes up for me at the right time. I will probably instead drop The Galadhrim's Greeting.