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A Very VERY Good Tale!
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ohuerc 298

BIG question here: should this deck run 3x Hidden Cache and/or 3x Ered Luin Miner?? They can be triggered by A Very Good Tale, Erebor Guard, Soldier of Erebor, and King Under the Mountain. Currently, my guess is that Hidden Cache is worthwhile, because a lot of random cards will hit the dirt, but that Ered Luin Miner isn't strong enough to be worth it.

But I'm still thinking that Daeron's Runes is worthwhile, to let us find more events and such. Discard some Dwarves and then Kinsfolk them. I pulled out the second Northern Tracker, the third Feint, the third To me! O my kinsfolk!, and I'm not entirely happy about any of those choices.

Certain cards in this deck are not wanted until later in the game, so I run fewer copies:

Other cards are so important that I run multiple copies even though they are unique:

Some of these allies do not match a trait with Prince Imrahil, but are important enough that I kept them anyway:

Some others could be useful, but there are already a whole slew of choices here, and I'm trying to run as many Dwarf Warriors as I can, because Prince Imrahil matching and because To me! O my kinsfolk!. Yes, the cards I removed are strong, but there are other equally strong cards I kept. Here's the unused list, ie cards that don't match Imrahil and aren't quite worth it:

  • Firyal - yes she quests, but so do others. This deck has relatively few allies with strong willpower: both Knights, Wiglaf, and everyone whose name starts with G. All three heroes here can quest, when not needed for other things, and we'll be counting on the other deck to pull its weight too.
  • Yazan - see also Legolas, Azain Silverbeard
  • SĂșlien
  • Treebeard - very strong, but slow - see also Knight of Dale, Soldier of Erebor, Wiglaf for built-in readying