Three Armorers

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Meneldor the Phoenix
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The Purple Wizard 719

This is deck four in the Meneldor the Phoenix fellowship.

The three main goals of this deck are to flip the contract ASAP to provide healing and more willpower, to hand out weapons to other decks so they can play their Foe-hammers, and to turn Gimli into a very angry Incredible Hulk. Meanwhile, Éowyn and Théoden provide the questing power tactics needs and go in every round. Forth, The Three Hunters! actually gives tactics some reliable healing, alongside Magic Ring. And with Vigilant Guard in play you can prevent damage elsewhere on the table while bringing it here where it can be healed.

Ring of Thrór is your key card and most certainly worth a mulligan. Don't hesitate to buy it when you find it. If you don't have it, use your first completed Gather Information to find it. Once it is in play, Gimli both quests and then either defends or smashes something. The deck is almost entirely attachments so it should hit almost every round.

There's a ton of attachments, so here's a rundown of where they go:

~Blade of Gondolin, Dagger of Westernesse, Dwarven Axe, War Axe, and Warrior Sword are all weapons that can go on any hero, so they can help other players play their Foe-hammers. Ask who has one in hand and buy them a weapon, if they don't already have one. (Those should go on Aragorn, Brand son of Bain, and Merry.) Once you've given out what the immediate needs there are, buy them for yourself so you can fulfill your contract ASAP. If you have a Foe-hammer yourself then let the table know and make sure you keep one of your heroes ready to kill something so you can use it.

~Raiment of War is also a weapon but it can only go on a warrior. If you need to give it out, do so, but if not then Théoden is a great target for it, since he can also take Vigilant Guard and make good use of those extra hit points. Aragorn is a good target too, as he may use it for defense in a pinch.

~Arod goes on Legolas.

~Citadel Plate is for Gimli. He'll happily take all three of them if he can, thank you very much.

~Gondorian Shield can also go on any of your heroes if you need it to fulfill your contract, but otherwise Beregond would be happy to take it.

~Grappling Hook is for Gimli. Some other decks are packing them to help you out too. With it, he can turn his massive attack into questing power.

~Magic Ring is for anybody who needs it. It brings healing though so it's probably best on someone else's hero.

~Raven-winged Helm is for Beregond.

~Rohan Warhorse is definitely for Legolas, no matter how much the Aragorn player pleads for it. He can have the third one!

~Secret Vigil is for an enemy, obviously. Whomever you think is the most suspicious looking.

~Strider is for Éowyn, since you'll always be questing with her.

~Support of the Eagles Goes on either Legolas, Beregond, or Gimli, depending on what you need most. Legolas turns into an unstoppable killing machine with it, Beregond is a brick wall with it, and Gimli can turn it into questing with a Grappling Hook. Keep in mind a character CAN have more than one of these.