Animals Guide the Way!

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Passage Through Mirkwood - 2 Players - 2020-10-14
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chatsash 12

My card collection is a mishmash of things, so I had been experimenting with Eagles for a while without the proper support for it. Upon receiving Fate of the Wilderland, suddenly they seemed pretty viable under the wisdom of Radagast. Boromir and Éowyn are here for support, and don't really shine much in this deck, aside from the base stats. I consider this an unlikely partnership in the middle of the forests between Rohan and Gondor; not exactly the most thematic but it works for me.

The cornerstone of this deck really is Radagast's Staff, since all your allies depend on it to get played. Fortunately, having an Istari in our deck gives us access to Word of Command, so along with Daeron's Runes and Heed the Dream, there is usually little effort needed to get it in hand by turn 2. If you draw/mulligan into it immediately, those draw cards can be used to pick up the other useful attachments in this deck: A Burning Brand makes Radagast a great defender, Wizard Pipe has wonderful combos with Expert Treasure-hunter and Messenger Raven to give you some solid card draw. Horn of Gondor is surprisingly useful here as eagles do have a tendency to come and go. Radagast's Cunning is purely here for the name :P

Flame of Anor has come in clutch for me a few times when I really need Radagast ready, but I think it might be replaced soon since it sits in my hand waiting for its chance to be played most of the time. Flight of the Eagles is absolutely great with Vassal of the Windlord, but is hard to use with any other eagle since all my other eagles are so darn expensive. I love the idea of Gwaihir's Debt, where the Lord of Eagles comes to help out our animal-loving wizard, but it sadly is another card that sits in my hand until I can get Meneldor or Landroval out. These cards might be swapped out for another copy of Feint or Peace, and Thought in upcoming revisions.