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GusOrriols 453

Well, this decks is like cheating. But is a lot of fun and it is very well tested. Obviously, there are some quests that can't be played with this deck.

Glóin, in the setup, starts with:

MULLIGAN: Great cards in the first hand:

RESOURCE/HEALING ENGINE: With the pair of rings that Glóin has in the setup and Well Preserved played at the start of the first round, he starts with 7 Hit Points. And that's the resource/heal engine. Take undefended damage, gain resources and heal all the damage at each "beginning of the round". You can reach a total of 16 Hit Points.

ATTACK: Attack strategy is easy. Look for In Service of the Steward to make Gloin a Gondorian dwarf. Then attach Gondorian Fire and he will do incredible attacks (my record is kill the Shadow and Flame Balrog with a one-shot of 67. For multiple attacks in one round, Glóin can ready with Cram, Magic Ring, Heir of Mardil or The Grey Wanderer contract.

SEARCHING THE CARDS: Finally, you need a lot of draw to find these engine cards. Gandalf or Keen as Lances (that have to be used also, sometimes, in late-game, to reduce the threat) helps. Galadriel will help with that, also. But at the first rounds, Heed the Dream is amazing. Paying the 3 resources to get any of these key cards in your deck is simply perfect. Note that 11 cards are off-sphere and had to be played the first ones of the round. I don't have any problem with that issue, in part thanks to Galadriel ability, but Narvi's Belt can solve some cardlock in your hand. Notice that Rod of the Steward can draw your entire deck at mid-game/late-game.

WILLPOWER: Allies help with the Willpower. Try to never get more than 5 characters in the table to get benefit of Strider. Sneak for Gandalf or Galadriel to get his Willpower services as much rounds as you can (remember that the response of Galadriel doesn't trigger with Sneak Attack. Denethor helps a lot. And Treebeard allows 2 Hit Points via Ent Draught. Song of Hope and Protector of Lórien can add 6 in one round if needed.

SHADOWS: A lot of quests has a nasty shadows for this deck. Discard all the attachments is a Game over, of course... Put on the table as soon as possible a copy of Dúnedain Watcher. She can get Athelas attached in case of emergency with the undefended defenses.

That's all. It's fun to get Glóin with more than 20 attachments.


Nov 17, 2021 doomguard 1105

would include Armored Destrier it makes nearly no difference if he defend or not for the wounds, but this way you have more shadowcontrol.

if playing solo you can add (or replace in service..) the Steward of Gondor

consider Well-Equipped helps to get the of-sphereattachements.

specially when using Well-Equipped a Citadel Plate could not hurt also a Golden Belt

Nov 17, 2021 GusOrriols 453

@doomguard Good suggestions! The One Ring and Celebrían's Stone are 2 key cards in the deck and have no other restricted space on Glóin to give him an Armored Destrier or Citadel Plate. Maybe with Golden Belt will allow the horse, but is another card to find.

Nov 17, 2021 Emmental 274

With so many attachments, why no Master of the Forge ?

Nov 18, 2021 GusOrriols 453

@Emmental I don't have many problems to find my key cards. But surely It would be a nice addition. Maybe, then, you have to add another copy of Narvi's Belt. 27% of the deck (13 of 47 cards if you add a pair of them) will be out of the sphere. Now is 23%. Thank you for the suggestion!

Nov 18, 2021 doomguard 1105

you can replace he stone with some underused cards like Dúnedain Quest they are not restricted, and if you gain all 3 you have more willpower than with the stone.

if its not enough you can throw in some The Favor of the Lady (e.g. for 1-2 pipes, do you really need 3?)

Nov 18, 2021 Emmental 274

One Song of Wisdom could be better than another Narvi's Belt given the high density of card.

Agree with doomguard : replace Celebrian Stone with Dunedain Quest, and make place for Citadel plate (maybe replacing Cram ? I don't think those extra readies are really usefull).

Nov 19, 2021 GusOrriols 453

@doomguard @Emmental Thank you both!! I will try it without Celebrían's Stone