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Fellowship for the second half of the Haradrim cycle
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KaiRong 7

Disclaimer: this deck has been created to build up on the synergy effects with the Spirit-Leadership deck from the same Fellowship, thus it is not advised to use it as a solo deck - it will simply not work.

This is progression-style Lore and Tactics deck I put together in my attempts to finish the second half of the Haradrim cycle (Beneath the Sands and onwards). The Fellowship performed surprisingly well, clearing all 4 scenarios on first try.

The main focus of the deck is to be able to defend without taking damage against several enemies in the same combat phase, quest with a decent 6+ willpower every round, dig for attachments, heal damages and support the building up of the Spirit-Leadership deck.

With this deck, potentially every starting hand is decent enough, as the majority of the attachments are useful and playable from turn 1, all the allies (maybe except for Boromir and Galadhon Archer) helps to achieve the goal of the Fellowship, and all the events are useful and low cost enough to be able to use from the start. Your very best starting hand is obviously Beregond's toys (Spear of the Citadel, Gondorian Shield), Magic Ring, Open the Armory and Deep Knowledge. You shall not be shy with threat raising effects (Deep Knowledge, Magic Ring), as the other deck can manage the threat of this deck too, and you have Loragorn to help if all other measures fail.

Éowyn's and Aragorn's role is to quest, nothing else. That's 6 willpower in the base case, which can go up to the two-digit range when Aragorn gets his toys (Celebrían's Stone, Sword that was Broken) - typically in the midgame or endgame. Beregond's task is to defend - preferable you get his toys Gondorian Discipline, Spear of the Citadel, Blood of Númenor, Magic Ring, two Unexpected Courage early enough, so he can tank 3-4 enemies. Feint and Hold Your Ground! further helps you with the defenses, as well as Boromir and Defender of Rammas. Ioreth and Warden of Healing are responsible for healing. In scenarios where you are expecting a lot of damage, Healing Herbs can help, though that gets Aragorn out of the business for one round, unless you use Hold Your Ground!.

The rest of the deck is straightforward. Arod and Bow of the Galadhrim are for Legolas, Asfaloth, Blade of Gondolin, Gondorian Fire, Rivendell Bow, The Red Arrow are for Glorfindel, Dwarrowdelf Axe, Ring Mail are for Gimli. Use Daeron's Runes and Deep Knowledge once you draw them, and for Heed the Dream, it is advised to wait until Glorfindel has Song of Kings and Steward of Gondor to look for crucial cards.

In terms of the side board, Bombur and Ancestral Knowledge are used for Beneath the Sands, Thror's Map and Strider's Path help with location control, and when these cards are used, it can be useful to have an additional Song of Wisdom to help with the lore cards costs. Guardian of Ithilien has a niche usage, but can be useful if Glorfindel has no access for ranged attack and you would like to clear the board with that deck.