Imrahil the Undying - Caldara Combos

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NERD 104

- Intro -

This deck is unique, fun, and thematic. Despite these three characteristics, it still packs quite a punch. While it might be a surprise, it's not a Caldara or Thengel deck... it's a Prince Imrahil deck. Every turn he can entier play via Lothíriel's ability for free and then stick around due to Caldara's demise. Because he becomes a hero, Lothíriel can't grab him back! Whenever he dies, Thengel can grab a free ally. Then, use a Gondorified Gamling to bring Imrahil back to your hand. This allows for an infinite cycle of Prince Imrahil every single round. Hummerhorns has nothing on you. You can make your own Fortune or Fate.

- Questing -

On the first turn, Caldara and Lothíriel always quest. If early progress is needed, you can get 10 on the first turn (as long as you draw a 2 ally.) Later on, Éomund, Thengel, Théodwyn, and Pelargir Shipwrights can provide serious questing. Finally, triggering the Last Alliance on Astonishing Speed can devour quest cards.

- Combat -

Thengel is your defender until infinite loops of princes arrive. He can quest and defend once he is on horseback. If you are absolutely swarmed, A Stout Heart can allow for a safe undefended attack. It can even net you some threat reduction. Knight of Belfalas are your main source of . Damrod and Elfhelm can also help for killing those pesky enemies.

- Engines -

There is little resource acceleration due to the deck being mono . The Last Alliance still provides decent cost reduction and Caldara gives you a massive head start, making the lack of resources less of an issue. Ancient Mathom and Horn of the Mark provide enough card draw to find Prince Imrahil quickly.

- Other -

A Stout Heart is the only form of threat reduction as this deck quests very fast. Double Back and Gather Information could definitely be added. They would provide threat reduction and allow you to find King Imrahil faster. A Test of Will provides excellent treachery cancelation. While I typically find it to not be worthwhile, Hasty Stroke can easily be added to deal with shadow cards. Ride to Ruin handles locations in the staging area. A struggled with whether to include Sword-thain. It would give the shipwrights extra willpower, Caldara an extra ally, and more resources overall. However, I found it messed up the whole speed questing idea. Livery of the Tower can be added for quests with direct damage or high enemies. In addition, Ride Them Down can be added for quests with high engagement cost monsters. Lastly, this deck has other hero options if you despise the power of Thengel. While Éowyn can be added to simply replace him, Éomer can allow for totally different deck. Removing Nor am I a Stranger and adding some of the cards, creates a decent dual-sphere Caldara deck.

- Tricks -

Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading


Jun 22, 2022 Alonewolf87 1514

Note that "discard from play" is something separated from "destroyed" (that is to say dying from having too much damage), so neither Thengel nor Gamling can combo off Prince Imrahil dying in combat.

Jun 22, 2022 NERD 104

I know that things like Horn of Gondor won't trigger off Westfold Horse-breaker, but I never realized it went the other way. I assumed if it entered my discard pile, it counted as being discarded. Thank you for clearing that up. Knight of Belfalas can still recure Prince Imrahil but it is no longer infinite. The deck is still good, but nowhere near as fun. Thanks for letting me know.