Caldara into Valinor

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Whispers 71

Hi comu

After Rouxxor's last post (in French) on Alep contracts ( ), I decided to share my « Into the West deck » !

Caldara without erratum !

Before post this deck, I have test it 3 times (it isn’t enough I know but it gives an idea) : Intruders to Chetwood nightmare, Raid on Grey Havers nightmare, and Temple cursed. (I forget real name in English sorry) 1 Try to beat them!

I will not go back in detail to contract principle (see post above) As for Caldara s mouv I refer you to COTR podcasts or other podcasters LOTR LCG :D

The principle here is to recycle unique allies with contract, and gain a lot of resources to be able to play Caldara s ability as sound as possible !

For contract setup, Théodwyn is the best choice to start game with 4 resources! If she not show itself, Pelargir Shipwright is very well too !

For rest ? Great Caldara ! This deck does everything well: Very good questing lineup ! And increases very quickly ! Manages very corrective threat Elrond's Counsel . Manages hard treachery with A Test of Will . Manages locations easily thanks with Northern Tracker . Manages fight very well when Narya comes in play (hence x3) ! And it all works fast because deck draws enormously with Elven-light and discard s ability of Arwen Undómiel, Círdan the Shipwright and Glorfindel !

3 Dwarven Tomb are ready to go for a lot different situations : A Test of Will, Fortune or Fate, Elrond's Counsel, Emery, ....

2 A Very Good Tale, with 3 Narya, it goes very well,

And finally 2 Wild Stallion to boost Jubayr and Glorfindel ! (I love this card!) With Narya, it becomes super-powerful allies!

As usual, feel free if you have any questions or suggestions

I hope you will like this deck !


Sep 19, 2023 doomguard 1725

i would say its also good with errata on Caldara

i would add a Will of the West if it goes longer. if it get discarded accidentially no problem, you have Dwarven Tomb or Map of Earnil.

would replace the Sailor of Lune with Rhovanion Outrider

i like how Emery is the real boon here. get her for free and then 3 ressourses back.

if playing with errata: the Fortune or Fate are no longer needed and i would discard A Very Good Tale to have secure Emery then replace them with Erebor Guard and Hidden Cache and/or 3. Wild Stallion. (Erebor Guard can give you another 2 res because used with contract it gives you 4 at discarding)

depending on testing, i would consider Elven Jeweler specially with the carddiscount from Elven-light (play for 2 cards get 2 res back with contract)

Sep 19, 2023 doomguard 1725

what about Gandalf? he pay for himself with the contract, or not?

Sep 19, 2023 Whispers 71

Thanks for your comment :D

I hate Caldara s errata , so, I play without ;)

You have good ideas but you forget the contract restriction …. Costs are realy importants and I don’t change an ally at 2 for an ally at 3 …

Elven Jewels are realy interesting thanks ! Erebor guard too.. but I prefere 3 imrahil, northern T and Elfhelm !

AVGT is very strong ! And if Emery fail it s not a problem

And Gandalf , why not .. but the 5 cost s cards are most importants … no place for Gandalf !

Will of the west is a very good idea ! :)

Sep 19, 2023 doomguard 1725

i would replace 2 Jubayr and 1 Glorfindel with 3 gandalfs (if you want to keep the Fortune or Fate to keep unerratared ;) )

Sep 19, 2023 Whispers 71

I use this contract specially to replace unique allies during game :D Jubayr most important ! And Gandalf for what ? Because he is Gandalf ? ;) Threat and drawing no problem … and ping 4 damages … no for 5 resources ! I 10000 time prefer Jubayr and Glorfi come quickly ! :D

Sep 19, 2023 doomguard 1725

your decision, i can only spread my wisdom ;) benefit is for sure, you can pair up with a gandalf-herodeck

(i dislike all the unique-harad-allies, they are so randomly good, spec jubby and firyal and the trait is so less playable except the nearly overall autoinclude boss-allies, glorfy is allowed to be so good, he is also in the books, for extraordinaire good harad-allies i can find no clue in tolkiens work overall, but thats just my point of view. in a middleearth where gwahir or treebeard can be the steward of gondor, who cares.....)

Sep 19, 2023 Whispers 71

Thanks a lot for yours returns :D

I totally agree with your vision of harads auto include super powerful allies !

And for steward …. God .. I play it just in Gondor ! ;)

Sep 19, 2023 ahez20 97

Would also consider 1 copy of Hauberk of Mail for Jubayr. With Hauberk of Mail, Narya, and Wild Stallion he can defend twice with defense of 6 and 5 hit points, or attack back with 4.

Sep 20, 2023 Whispers 71

Good idea but not necessary ;) 6 def it s « overkill » . And reduce succes Emry s ability ! With big boss I prefere chump lock ! With Caldara allies in discard pile are not a pronlem :D