Elfhelm Goes Questing

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Diamondore12 16

This is the deck that I used with my original Firefoot Na'asiyah deck (https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/41289/naasiyahfirefootbutiownallthecards-1.0) to cover some of its weaknesses. Aka questing and card draw.

Lothíriel lets you sneak in an ally from your hand to quest which works nicely with Valiant Sacrifice. The other deck also tends to lose allies a lot lol so another good target. Heed the Dream can easily be powered up with 2 leadership heros on the table minimum to allow this deck to find Visionary Leadership or the other to find Steward of Gondor, Firefoot, Armored Destrier, etc. And Daeron's Runes is always welcome too.

Visionary Leadership is the biggest boon since both decks are packed with Gondor allies, fixing the questing issues even better than just Lothíriel could on her own. Additionally she rarely uses her resources so she is an excellent target, but Denethor could be targeted as well if needed.

The trap aspect of this deck allows for this deck to quest easier early on with 2 or even all 3 heros if needed with Entangling Nets to power down an enemy, Ranger Spikes to avoid engaging altogether and Coney in a Trap as a Lore Feint. And to round out the Ranger shenanigans, Bereavor would love Wingfoot to both quest and distribute card draw.

I recently acquired the Long Dark so Warden of Healing could be subbed in for some allies up top, but I figured since the other deck has Dúnedain Remedy just Ioreth might be passable.

Lothíriel doesn't use her resources for much so playing Linhir Sea-captain or even Glorfindel is feasible. Of course, so is sneaking them in with Loth. Ally management requires some decision making on if you need them to quest this turn or if you want to wait to play them, Henamarth is here to help with that and also enable Wingfoot. Interrogation can help too, but it's not strictly necessary and depends on traps so it's likely the first thing to go if you want to change up the deck composition. Like say to make this deck playable in solo (which I have not tested and may require a full rebuild) which some ideas for can be found in the sideboard.

Errand-rider can resdistribute resources if you have extra somewhere and isnt useless otherwise thanks to Visionary Leadership and Envoy of Pelargir can as well, although mostly to Denethor in the other deck. Oh and Steed of the Mark is here to dish out some Horse boy buffs and allow for readying after questing. Perhaps I went a bit overboard with fixing the questing lmao. And don't forget to add the 3rd copy of Armored Destrier to the other deck as it goes well on the Brony to let him defend well when needed.


Oct 09, 2023 doomguard 1757

would include at least 1 Snowmane else good.