Wilds of Rhovanion Fellowship

Gauze 53


This is a fellowship to deal with the wilds of Rhovanion deluxe box.

The Dale deck is a stereotypical one, but with some defense and treachery-cancelation support provided by Eleanor. It is mechanically dependant on playing attachments on Dale allies, thus, playing King of Dale and getting card draw and resource acceleration (Steward of Gondor and Traffic from Dale) is essential. Stand and Fight will also help recycle allies and put the expensive ones from the support deck it's paired to into play. Once your engine is running, this deck can amass a huge amount of willpower and combat prowess. Blood of Númenor on Eleanor will help you boost your defensive options, even if she exhausted during staging, she can ready using Spare Hood and Cloak (or Unexpected Courage) and keep your Redwater Sentrys to defend against enemies engaged with you or the support deck. To this effect, try to save up resources on her.

I've tried to introduce a thematic toolbox on building for the support deck by means of Bilbo Baggins, who will grant an extra card every turn. Necklace of Girion should go on him to boost his willpower and help him pay for lore cards (Lórien's Wealth and Self Preservation). Bartering and A Good Harvest should also help smooth the cost of pricey attachments. The Mirkwood Pioneer is an excellent cheap way to add some control over threat in the staging area, besides offering some chump blocking. Secret Vigil is useful to reduce threat, although you're likely to keep a high threat enemy engaged with you till next round to make the most of it if you haven't managed to attach it during the planning phase.

Thalin will weaken enemies with its direct damage ability, although by mid-game it's better to have him attack once equipped with Dwarven Axe. War Axe will boost your tactics attackers, and Bard the Bowman is amazing at ranged attacks, so it's better to have the Dale deck engage enemies. Either way, most of the dedicated defenders in both decks have (or are to get) the centinel keyword. So, getting the Winged Guardians early on will help you establish a decent board state.

It's also great fun have Long Lake Trader move your attachments according to your needs which, in turn, will also help you play more attachments on your Dale characters and draw more cards.

You might also consider making some room in the decks to introduce other cards, such as Faramir, Master of Lore, Gondorian Shield, The Galadhrim's Greeting, The Favor of the Lady.

Enjoy questing!