Stalwart Lookout

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Hawkdir and the Winter Lookout
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WastelandSniper 25

Lots of changes to this deck since I started out.

Halbarad was removed in favor of Aragorn. I dropped Wiglaf (as much as I wanted to keep him, I just couldn't get him to work as well as I'd have liked). Pulled the Northern Trackers, tried Rhovanion Outriders, and ultimately decided to add three Guardians of Esgaroth instead.

The most important thing in this deck to really get it working right is to put Mirror of Galadriel and the Silver Harp on Galadriel. Between those two cards, as long as your deck is reasonably well shuffled, you should be able to start pulling out anything you'll need every turn. If you managed to get the Mirror, Harp, and Nenya in your opening hand, you shouldn't have any problems going forward. Give her the Silver Circlet and Star Brooch to bump her Willpower even more

Beregond wants Armored Destrier, The Day's Rising, and Blood of Númenor. If you can get a Hauberk of Mail on him, it'll help keep some of the damage off of him. Add the Staff of Lebethron and you should rarely have to deal with any nasty surprise shadow cards against him.

Aragorn takes Steward of Gondor and Celebrían's Stone, effectively letting you start paying for any of your Spirit cards with his more robust resource pool while leaving Beregond to build up a good pile of resources to supercharge his own defense with Blood of Numenor. Orcrist makes him a 5 attack and Roheryn can give you the chance to weed out some enemies that will take up a defense that may be needed to sentinel for somebody else.

For the allies, you'll want to get Wild Stallion, Ancestral Armor, and Valiant Determination on the Guardian of Esgaroth. Give the North Realm Lookout Armor of Erebor and/or the Hauberk of Mail to have some extra sentinel hanging around for a deluge of enemies.

Unexpected Courage allows you to take one more hit with Beregond, make one more attack with Aragorn, and use Galadriel's threat reduction and card draw ability while also giving her Willpower to another character for questing.