Faramir's Staging Assault

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javajeffery 52

javajeffery has a newer deck inspired by this one: Faramir's Staging Assault

This deck is part of a two deck fellowship designed to avoid travel and engagement. We'll start with low threat and try to end with even lower threat.

This deck will use lots of attachments on heroes:

Faramir with Golden Belt, Great Yew Bow, Orcrist, Heir of Mardil, and Keen Longbow will be our main attack hero for the fellowship

Éowyn with Golden Belt, Golden Shield, Snowmane, Stone of Elostirion and Ring of Barahir can defend once per round against the toughest of enemies, and quest with 6

Merry with Fast Hitch and Hobbit Pony can quest and use his ability each and every round that an enemy is revealed from the encounter deck.

The Allies in the deck are fairly straight forward a couple of defenders, a couple of attackers, a couple of healers, a little condition removal, some card draw, and sprinkle in a little location control.

The events are basic, resource smoothing (necessary in a tri-sphere deck), cancellation, and card draw.

Mulligan strategy. Under normal circumstances I'll prioritize Fast Hitch for Merry and Master of the Forge he rarely misses with 25 attachments. If I need a fast start against low threat swarming enemies Defender of Rammas is more important. Great Yew Bow is a good early find as well.

Substitutions. if the Orcrist, Heir of Mardil out of sphere combo is too janky for you replace those with Ranger Spear and Unexpected Courage.

Gondorian Shield is in here for Beregond who is part of the Blue Cheese companion deck. It can be removed if you aren't running him or you want a third A Good Harvest and a third Daeron's Runes, or instead two Hasty Stroke, or nothing if you want to get down to 50 cards.

I've combined this deck with my Blue Cheese deck to form my Janky Fun fellowship.


Jun 16, 2020 Madd.Dawgg 9

Hands Upon the Bow and war axe (https://www.ringsdb.com/card/22032), friendly suggestions.

Drinking Song can look through more of your deck than Daeron's Runes. Worth trying in add. to or in replace of Runes since you have a Hobbit Hero. (Especially against decks that abuse cards in grave or mill you.)

Jun 16, 2020 javajeffery 52

@Madd.Dawgg good suggestions. I went with Keen Longbow over War Axe because there is already a lot of pressure on Tactics resources. I had hands upon the bow in the deck it was the last card I cut to get down to 52, it was a little redundant with Great Yew Bow.