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doomguard 1877

monolore secrecyhobbits discard 2.0

keep in mind:


try to play as much Out of the Wild and The Shirefolk as early as possible, the much options to carddraw helps,:


after the first rounds you should have 4 res per round (either by Resourceful or a unique ally +Sword-thain and some cords in the victorypile. then you can throw in the events, that reduce staging for the benefit of all:

if a big nonunique enemy squeezes through the The Great Hunt is your last line of protection. after that you loose characters. but, be lucky if you have Gaffer Gamgee out he is repeatable.

Fear! Fire! Foes! can be used to reduce thread in the staging or help for combat. all lore-events are repeatable with the #Scroll of Isildur except The Door is Closed! (its a reaction)


Jan 11, 2023 Quetzal513 87

I gave this a try solo; it worked well! But I'm not sure (MotK) Bob offers much compared to Folco Boffin; fetching the one Pony card for a possible undefended attack doesn't quite pan out and Folco Boffin would be one of the better Fast Hitch targets. You wouldn't want to use Folco Boffin's threat reduction ability unless you'd Sword-thain'd an ally (preserve usage of The Great Hunt).

Obviously solo Gildor's Counsel is useless; others like Explore Secret Ways also could be sent to the sideboard. I probably like Daeron's Runes a little better than Deep Knowledge because of the threat issue.

I'd probably consider adding another copy of Gaffer Gamgee just so you could up the reliability of finding him early (he's clearly what solves the problem, Bree Pony might buy you a round or two). Cautious Halfling could be a thematic sideboard add, plus any strong ally (Quickbeam, Firyal, etc. even though they would be more of a thematic break). I found I was actually lacking willpower ( and were covered well enough)

Jan 11, 2023 doomguard 1877

nice, i would not play it solo, but interesting that it can work. if not restricted to hobbits there are some allies to include, as u pointed out. not forgetting Gléowine and Master of the Forge perhaps Imladris Caregiver or Galadhrim Minstrel

Jan 12, 2023 Quetzal513 87

Based on only a couple plays I didn't find the deck lacking for card draw at all; it was almost too strong (but that makes it great support of another player); so I probably wouldn't add more allies that facilitate more drawing.

Also, while it's lacking in healing, I think the combat strategy of this deck (in solo) is to keep threat low, selectively engage, recur Gaffer Gamgee every round and chump an ally if you have to along with a few other tricks (Fear! Fire! Foes! and The Great Hunt are great); in multiplayer, a mono-lore deck probably could be expected to bring some form of healing to the table.

I had a few more allies that I would think fit the goals of this deck:

  • [Mablung](/card/144005) would be a solid choice
  • More copies of [Ithilien Lookout](/card/08008) would be welcome
  • [Woodland Sentry](/card/22030) would lean into the victory display tilt
  • [Loyal Hound](/card/19148) would be a solid thematic addition and offsets the need for healing (if you've the heart for such things)
  • Ally [Barliman Butterbur](/card/141007) would even work in this deck and be a target for [Bree Pony](/card/303075) (or two?) if you try for such a combo.
I also might cut [Fast Hitch](/card/02103); I just didn't get that many uses of it. I'd be tempted to add [Protector of Lórien](/card/01070); often I had a huge hand of cards and several that I knew there was not much chance I'd need them for the rest of the game. Anyway, it was fun. Thanks for posting.

Jan 12, 2023 doomguard 1877

the Imladris Caregiver wold it very well, but it was created with the goal to fit the lureofmiddleearth.com

that sadly allows no Imladris Caregiver but Protector of Lórien or Song of Healing is possible

Jan 15, 2023 anhartleyuk 1

Thanks for this, I used it to base this one on: ringsdb.com Part of a two-handed Hobbits fellowship