Hobbiton Blues

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PablOvi 365

The dark is near, the fear is true,
it's time to get the Hobbiton Blues.
No elven light, no weed, no food,
come friend and sing the Hobbiton Blues.
Yeah, the Hobbiton Blues.

Blue is my third attempt with full colored decks after green and red.
My rules are the same as with the other two: unique allies only and open to any suggestions. :)

This deck starts slow but will go through the scenarios increasing its power and reducing threat level at the same time. We can play OHaUH Gandalf and keep him until the end without any worry about our threat... even more, we can do that and end the scenario with our threat dial at 0 anyway.



  • I like to choose the Spare Pipe as part of Bilbo's setup response.
    • Playing it will boost Frodo's and we can get a useful event too, leaving just 40 cards in the deck from the beginning.
  • Emery and Sam Gamgee are our cheapest allies.
    • If we need to take some nasty effect (like direct damage or direct discard) or some chump-blocking, they are the preferred targets (since playing them again won't be as painful).
    • A more expensive choice would be Glorfindel, we all know he will be back to fight another day.
  • Any other duplicated ally in hand can be used to ready Glorfindel.
    • Derufin's 2nd copy can be saved in case its response is needed.
    • Duplicated allies will also make it less painful to pay for Emery via her discard action.
  • If some discard goes wrong, we still have several cards for reverting it:
  • Frodo's response synergizes with Sam's.
    • You can take some undefended damage, then raise your threat and spend 1 resource... Sam will be ready and boosted for combat.
    • While Jubayr is not in play, Arwen's boost goes to Frodo as well.
  • Valiant Determination goes to Prince Imrahil.
    • Note that, if Bilbo is gone, it won't trigger any change in Imrahil (Bilbo will be downgraded to an ally as soon as he's discarded).
  • If we need to play safety with Shadow of the Past, we will have all the information to play and keep Bofur for just 1 resource.
  • The insane amount of threat reduction we can achieve makes OHaUH's Gandalf a great companion for this deck.