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Truck 821


With this deck I have beat every Quest in each cycle, and all of the Saga Quests. I did it with my Card Pool, which includes roughly half the expansions.


1: Intro

2: Card Choices

3: Quest Logs

4: Extra Stuff From The One Deck


1: I'm No Full-Card-Pool-Mr-Fancy-Guy

This deck has beaten all of the Quests in each expansion that includes Player Cards, in normal mode. I have multiple reasons for this. Number one, I do not have all the Player Cards, therefore I lack powerful destructo-mode cards including Sword-thain, Narya, Expert Treasure-hunter, Side Quests, more UCand other cards that I would have otherwise included in the deck. Number two, I play physically pretty much all the time (OCTGNing only three times), and I do not have all of the Nightmare mode quests. For my card pool (it is roughly half of the full card pool), check here. For the reason I have played all the Quests physically, read the comments on this deck.

2: It's Not a Vilya Deck.

Yeah yeah yeah, "it has Vilya in it so technically...", blah blah blah. It's really not a Vilya deck. Trust me. I believe I have beat at least half the Quests without playing Vilya. Sometimes I drew Vilya and didn't even pay the 2 Resources because I didn't need it.

3: It's an Elrond Deck.

That might be as annoying as a Vilya deck, but whatever. The main engine of the deck is Elrond/Steward of Gondor and Ally swarm from there. The Deck generates sufficient and from that.

3: Nurn.

For The Fortress of Nurn, I had to cut 52 cards and cut the contract. Here is my Nurn deck.

5: An apology.

Sorry for making use of the most overpowered card in the game, Steward of Gondor. It's just so addicting...

Card Choices

1: Heroes.

1: Elrond.

Elrond is a truly top five ranking Hero. (I once said the best in the game, but it's really hard to hold that view thanks to Thengel. Thanks ALeP.:) His no-resource-match on Allies effect is truly epic and is the number one reason the deck succeeded in beating the game.

2: Gandalf.

Between Gandalf, His Staff, and His Pipe, card draw is pretty smooth. Playing cards off the top of your deck is a very good way to get Allies in.

3: Glorfindel

Help me! My addiction to Glorfindel is unhealthy! How do I stop using him?! 5 for 12 stats?! How can I say no?

2: Allies

First Note: I'll try to number them in order of usefulness. I'm pretty sure of my order, but not 100% if I'm remembering correctly. It's kind of hard to remember accurately after playing over 100 Quests.

1: Angbor the Fearless.

Spending most of your time in Valour, with A Perilous Voyage, it is only natural that Angbor the Fearless was an auto-include. 2 cost for 2 isn't a bad deal, and for most of the game 3 and No-exhaust questing? Hands down epic. If I made a Túrin Ally, he'd be Angbor the Fearless.

2: Faramir.

Ally swarm must-have. I consistently have 20 by round 7 (if the game takes that long,) thanks to him.

3: Warden of Healing.

Works awesome with Elrond, even better with Steward of Gondor, for full recovery of 2 rounds of Archery 4.

4: Skinbark.

My Big-time killing machine. Who doesn't love one hitting Orcs? He is also quite powerful combining attacks with 3 characters. Most of the time Skinbark and Angbor the Fearless go on slaying rampages together.

5: Arwen Undómiel.

2 cost, 2 , and +1 to a character is great. The normal targets are Gandalf, Elrond, and Gildor Inglorion, and Gimli, on occasion.

6: Galadriel.

Great for fetching attachments, and good for some Vilya planning. (DO NOT use this against me.)

7: Quickbeam.

Quickbeam and Skinbark thematically synergize well together. It was really fun getting them two and Ent of Fangorn out in The Road to Isengard. I can assure you, Saruman quaked in his boots.

8: Erestor.

It's very annoying, especially in a very large deck to draw 2x Shadowfax after one copy is already in play. Solution? Erestor. He's a decent quester too.

9/10: Legolas & Gimli.

The chances of playing these two are slim. However, I got them into play pretty consistently during my playthrough. Strange. (Maybe it's because I thematically like having them in so much that they just pop up a lot.)

3: Attachments

Quick intro to Attachments

I have a mild major obsession with my Heroes getting beefed up on Attachments and slaughtering anything and everything in their path, and just being too buff to care about Nazgul or Trolls. So, I have included some probably unnecessary Attachments. Some of them could go. So if my Attachment choices stink, swap 'em out.

1: Steward of Gondor.

And I of course have to run my One Deck on the card that people self-nerf. But I did it. Attach to Elrond.

2, 3 & 4: Staff, Steed, and Smoke.

Auto includes in decks with Gandalf. Gandalf's Staff helps with Card Draw a ton.

5 & 6: Valiant Sword and Shining Shield.

The point of the deck is to be in Valour. These cards are good.

7: Unexpected Courage.

Goes on Elrond, in case you do get Vilya. Dig for it with Word of Command.

8: Vilya.

Vilya is still Vilya, even in a non-Vilya deck.

4: Events

1: A Test of Will.

Doing what it always does, from the Core Set days.

2: Word of Command.

Great card.

3: Flame of Anor.

Has an obvious target: Radagast.

5: Contract.

First I'd like to say I originally built this deck for Battle of the Pellenor Fields in campaign mode, and it seemed best to go with an ally swarm. I used A Perilous Voyage so I could have many options. Here's why I kept going with A Perilous Voyage after that.

1: Because the deck has a wide variety of cards, the deck could succeed (with some luck) against a wide variety of quests.

2: Reliability isn't a problem, because I don't have to rely on much. If I get either Steward of Gondor, Vilya, Wizard Pipe, or Word of Command, I will probably succeed. (10 in 100, but I do have some pretty good card draw built in.)

3: Card draw is no problem. Between A Perilous Voyage, Gandalf's Staff, Gléowine, and occasionally Legolas, I chew through the deck pretty quickly.

4: I'm a player who doesn't like to worry about threat (aside from pulling off 3x Elrond's Counsel), and trying to get to 50 is really fun for me. Once while playing Shadow and Flame (not with this deck) I remember questing unsuccessfully every round but round one, trying to get to 50 (that's what I call fun!).

5: A Perilous Voyage post-flip is the most OP card in the game. With this deck I'm questing for 9 with no exhausting, not counting Allies. I feel like FFG overdid it when they added the “Search your deck” thing (though it comes first in the wording). So, when the contract flips, I search my deck for one of my power cards that aren’t already in play (normally UC)and play it, and then get this epic hero buff? Count me in.

Quest Logs

Here are the Quest Logs.

Here is my Saga Campaign Log.

A note about Gencon/Fellowship Quests

As I stated earlier, I don't OCTGN. The only PoDs we have are Old Forest, Fog on the Barrow-Downs, and Murder at the Prancing Pony. I Included the Saga PoDs in my Sag Campaign (for a full Campaign completion), but did not play MatPP, because if I played one Gencon/Fellowship quest, I should probably play them all. So, if anyone wants to take this exact deck out against any Gencon/Fellowship Quests, do it and comment the results, in the same way I logged my results in the spreadsheet. The first comment for each Scenario will make it into my spreadsheet, if you win. Thanks to anyone who does that!

UPDATE: I will be playing these quests now, on DragnCards.

Extra Stuff From The One Deck

Of note, Daeron's Runes is nowhere to be seen! - sappidus

I hope you'll keep us updated as new quests come out. - Kakita_Shiro. I will. Aldburg plot coming soon!

[Imladris Stargazer is] The second most important card in the deck. - Seastan. Not here.Gandalf/ Pete the Pipe fix that.


Jun 08, 2021 TritonWreck 205

I was hoping you would also talk about how you use the contract and share your thoughts on why you think it would be better than just a 50 card deck. Thanks.

Jun 08, 2021 GreenWizard 215

Great job!! Only 1 Master of the Forge though? Seems to me that with 40+ attachments in the deck, a few more would really help.

Jun 08, 2021 Jtothemac 383

I think this hero combo is my go-to power deck combo. I like your use of A Perilous Voyage to essentially raise your threat elimination level to 60, plus the added benefit of three unexausted heroes with extremely high WP. well done getting through all of the quests! Which one was the hardest quest to overcome with this deck?

Jun 08, 2021 KingDom 38

Congrats! I can verify that a lot of hard work went into achieving this goal. Well done.

Jun 08, 2021 Serafinkle 2

this deck is good

Jun 09, 2021 Truck 821

@TritonWreck Hahaha! I was going to, I forgot because I wrote the description over the course of three days, and thought I did it before I was analyzed the heroes. I'll add it later. Thanks for pointing it out!

@GreenWizard, Thanks! Yeah only one Master, adding a few more wouldn't hurt.

@Jtothemac, the hardest quest statistically with score is Across the Ettenmoors, and I'd say that was the hardest one. I got really bad luck with both card draw and encounter deck, but I survived. Another hard one was The Drowned Ruins. the Underwater locations Dark Abyss and Twisting Hollow got me.

@KingDom, `@Serafinkle , thanks!

Jun 09, 2021 DEER PARK 194

I probably would never be able to do this.

Jun 09, 2021 Truck 821

@DEER PARK, Yes you would! Just use this deck ;)

Jun 09, 2021 DEER PARK 194

I mean build a deck

Jun 09, 2021 DEER PARK 194


Jun 09, 2021 Truck 821

@DEER PARK, no! You can look at the card list and put the specified cards into a deck! Champion move, bro.

Jun 09, 2021 DEER PARK 194

I don't have those cards Bro

Jun 09, 2021 eldub 570

I’d like some insight as to your use of the contract as well.

Jun 11, 2021 Truck 821

Added Contract insight to the description.

Jun 17, 2021 TritonWreck 205

Thanks for adding the contract write up. Those are all great points. I’ve only built one deck with this contract. I need to play it more. Even if it it may not be as consistent as smaller decks, it is lots of fun seeing what cards you will get making each game different. And Shadow and Flame would be a ton of fun with this deck. I’ll have to try it.