Tactics Aragorn

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MrSpaceBear 814

I'd been wanting a Aragorn deck and a The Grey Wanderer deck for a while, so I decided to combine then.

This deck isn't really a solo deck (though it has beaten a couple quests solo). It's designed to play in tandem with a deck that can handle questing. This deck should handle about everything else.

Set up: Start with Ring of Barahir and The One Ring fetches Well Preserved. This gives you access right away.

Starting hand: The most important cards are Lord of Morthond and Steward of Gondor. Timely Aid and Captain's Wisdom are also great to see. Captain's Wisdom is incredibly fun on turn 1. Play it and then trigger The Grey Wanderer to ready Aragorn and gain two resources. Now you have 4 extra resources at the cost of 1 threat and 1 card. Strider is tempting, but I usually don't end up playing it unless I'm playing solo. The resources are better spent on more ents.

Card draw: Since you have , Lord of Morthond allows all 11 allies can draw a card when you play them right away. You can also play one (non unique) ally per turn thanks to The Grey Wanderer. Once Thorongil brings Aragorn, playing Legolas and Beechbone becomes possible. Gléowine helps to keep card draw going.

Defense: The basic strategy here is to take everything undefended. Aragorn starts with 7 hit points, gets to 8 from Well Preserved and gets even more hit points from artifacts like Dagger of Westernesse as well as Ent Draught. If you take a lot of damage, use Well Preserved to heal it all off. You have a Derndingle Warrior and Treebeard as backup (with healing from Wellinghall Preserver.

Early game: It may take a couple turns to get rolling, especially since the ents are slow. Don't sweat if you have to raise your threat a bit from questing unsuccessfully. Starting at 12 threat makes it unlikely that you will threat out.

Mid game: Build a board of ents. Kill of enemies where possible.

Late game: Once Thorongil brings Aragorn to the table, you should be able to destroy pretty much everything. Engage an enemy. Take it undefended. Kill it with Aragorn and the army of angry ents. Ready with The Grey Wanderer or Unexpected Courage. Engage another enemy. Repeat.

Why Aragorn?: Lord of Morthond. It's tempting to start with Aragorn or Aragorn. Both have better abilities. I really don't use Aragorn's ability very often, but Lord of Morthond is worth it. Use Haleth and Galadriel to help find it if needed.

Side board: Sword that was Broken helps a lot in solo. Sneak Attack, Gandalf, and A Very Good Tale are all contenders.


Jan 12, 2022 kjeld 260

Fun deck! Magic Ring might be a good addition. Another Artifact with a range of useful abilities as needed.

Jan 12, 2022 doomguard 1127

like it, leadership +lore from the start is very good for grey wanderer. with aragrn you can recieve additional bonus. i think the deck could be easy make to be an allrounder. i would exploit more the ld-lore combination.

means: add Deep Knowledge and Drinking Song and the good old A Very Good Tale

this would not funktion very good with ents. so i would change the ally-setup very much to expensive allrounder. (Knight of Dale Rhovanion Outrider Knight of the White Tower Faramir