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Seastan has a deck called "This Deck Explores Locations". The goal is to dump the entire deck into the discard and then repeatedly recur The Evening Star to place 6 points of progress every round.

As its name implies, this deck does pretty much the same thing. The goal is to get three of The Riddermark's Finest into play, send them all to their doom exploring locations, and then blow up Caldara to call them all back. Caldara can be recycled with Fortune or Fate, Fortune or Fate can be recycled with Dwarven Tomb or Map of Earnil, Dwarven Tomb or Map of Earnil can be recycled with Galadhrim Weaver, and if you really want to get silly, Galadhrim Weaver can be recycled with either Children of the Sea or Island Amid Perils. (But that's kind of overkill.)

On top of that, Caldara gives you cheap access to the most potent weapon of mass location destruction in the game, Northern Tracker.

In order to pay for all those Fortune or Fates, you have the A Good Harvest / Steward of Gondor combo. Between that, Arwen, and your Zigil Miners, you should be getting plenty of resources. Good Harvest also gives you access to Asfaloth for Glorfindel to ride, giving you another two progress tokens to allocate.

Obviously with Caldara as the main engine, this deck includes some of the old standbys- Arwen Undómiel to dump allies and add resources and Prince Imrahil to give you yet another ally to pull. It does not, however, include Emery and/or Sword-thain. Mostly because it doesn't need it- Imrahil alone is enough to recur all of your Riddermark's Finest at once.

Zigil Miner and Longbeard Sentry speed up the process of setup by letting you dump your deck in a hurry-- the Sentry can be played with Good Harvest or Stand and Fight. Elven-light also speeds up your setup. Imladris Stargazer also speeds up your setup, and your Weavers will give you an opportunity to shuffle and see five new cards next round.

Eventually you'll reach a point where you don't really need eight progress tokens a round, so Westfold Horse-Breaker and Háma give you more repeatable suicide troops. The Horse-breaker can ready Glorfindel for another attack, or she can help out someone else at the table if you'd rather.

If there aren't any locations to explore, the deck can put its resources to good use on Lords of the Eldar, instead. There's enough resource gen to play both copies every round, (and then a Zigil Miner can dump them back in the discard for you). Lords of the Eldar turn Glorfindel and Arwen into beasts and give you a nice use for those Stargazers who are just standing around now that your deck is gone.

Since the underlying engine is so generic (Caldara + Riddermark's Finest), there's a lot of different directions you can take while chroming the deck out. If you want, you can swap out Glorfindel and his horse for Galadriel and her mirror, giving you more draw and search and speeding you on your way. Or, instead, you could grab Círdan and his ring, if that's more your speed.

You could also keep Glorfindel, add in some threat reduction to get you some discounts on Resourceful, crank your resource generation up, and focus on cycling Lords of the Eldar more. With three plays a round, Glorfindel is questing for six, attacking for six, and defending for four every round with scads of readying from those horse-breakers.

If you do want to focus more on Lords of the Eldar, there are several other good Noldor Spirit allies to swap in while you're at it.