Challenge: Make Smeagol great again

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PablOvi 95

PablOvi has a newer deck inspired by this one: Make Smeagol great again

I've created this deck as a consequence of the challenge proposed by @NERD.

I'm pretty sure it is not the greatest OP deck in the neighborhood and probably it is long far away from that (besides, I don't have the entire card pool either), but it was really fun to create and then testing it. :)




How to "safety" play Glamdring:

  • Do NOT play Faramir (*) if Glamdring has not been found.
  • Once Faramir + Glamdring are in hand:
    • Use scrying and wait for the next non-unique enemy in the encounter deck.
    • Risk Some Light can be useful for choosing the enemy by convenience.
  • Play Glamdring. Target enemy will be revealed as Glamdring's guardian.
  • Play Faramir. Target enemy will be engaged and it will receive 4 damage (since it has an attachment on it).
  • Glamdring is now free to be claimed.

(*) This same strategy can be applied using The Great Hunt instead of Faramir.


  • Leather Boots are not so useful. I would look for better alternatives. Gandalf maybe?
  • Keen Longbow is not a bad attachment but (I believe) it is not so useful until the end game.

Nov 24, 2022 NERD 522

Cool idea! Elf-stone would fit well to buy the expensive allies. Because Sméagol and Henamarth Riversong are both underwhelming heroes, Peace, and Thought would be great if you have it. Consider adding a few more ents like the Wellinghall Preserver as well.

Nov 24, 2022 doomguard 1422

its risky to play with Sméagol without either a tamer like Beorn or The One Ring with The Master Ring (asume you do not want him as enemy)

so i would add The One Ring + some shenanigans

then, why 2 Ioreth? would swap 1 to a Warden of Healing

Mithrandir's Advice is more cheaper than Lórien's Wealth

would include a Sword-thain so many unique chars it increase worth o Mithrandir's Advice and Scroll of Isildur that i would also include.

would consider some Gandalf as swiss knife, you might be rich enough and he can reduce thread, draw cards or be used to kill the guardian to Glamdring

would add 1 Cloak of Lórien

Nov 24, 2022 PablOvi 95

Hey! Thanks again for your comments. :)

Didn't include the Warden of Healing just because I want to stay with unique characters. It's a dumb reason, I know, but it works in my mind :D

I added a couple of Elf-stones, as @NERD suggested. I believe the stones could be useful in the early game... once in the mid-game, I'm usually plenty in resources to spend.

@doomguard neither Mithrandir's Advice nor Sword-thain are in my collection :( The Cloak of Lórien is a must, you're right. I will add a couple of copies also.

I will add Gandalf also. He is going to be my only source of threat reduction, as well as another tool for killing Glamdring's guardian, as you said.

I didn't have so much issues with Stinker in my tests. Having the permanent scrying and Risk Some Light have been doing the trick for the moment at least. Then, Firyal makes her appearance and Stinker turns into the encounter discard's best companion. :D

Will take note about The One Ring + shenanigans anyway. Thanks for your advice.

For making space for the new cards, I'm thinking in getting rid of...

  • the Forest Snares, since I've found more fun to use The Great Hunt on annoying enemies and the snares usually leaves my hand as a discard for the Keen Longbow.
  • the Leather Boots, because if I reveal a location in quest phase, most of the time I don't need that readied character for the rest of the round.
  • Self Preservation, just because Ioreth seems to be capable of doing the healing by her own.

Do you see issues with any of that?

Nov 25, 2022 doomguard 1422

the spacemaking seems solid. in solo the 1-card-scrying is extreme good and perhaps no need for ring-shenanians as u mentioned. in multiplayer i would take it, if no other need it.

you only want to use unique characters, consider Fellowship then you must replace (MotK) Henamarth Riversong perhaps with Pippin or dancing on the edge, with Denethor. then perhaps urther threadreduction is needed, and i think the only way would be Keen as Lances

@ Cloak of Lórien it is not THIS good in this deck because you have only 2 characters who can take it, and on haldir, it makes nearly no sense, so only Gildor Inglorion is a valuable target and then 1 in enough.