Khazad-Dum - Dwarf Fellowship - progression(ish)


I built this 2-player fellowship for the three Khazad-Dum scenarios. I played each scenario several times and won each time, though a few games were rough (see quest logs). I wanted to take Dwarves into Moria on this adventure, so only a few characters are not Dwarves (6 of 23).

This fellowship is "Progression-ish" because I included cards from the Dwarrowdelf cycle. There are some thematic and powerful Dwarf-related cards in this cycle that I wanted in my Khazad-Dum fellowship of Dwarves.

Into the Pit: replace 2x Longbeard Map-Maker with 2x Northern Tracker
Into the Pit: add a 2nd Ancestral Knowledge
Into the Pit: (optional) replace 1x Durin's Song with 1x Lórien Guide
The Seventh Level: replace 1x Dúnedain Watcher with 1x Longbeard Orc Slayer
Flight from Moria: replace 2x Gléowine with 2x Boots from Erebor
Flight from Moria: replace 3x Untroubled by Darkness with 3x Unexpected Courage


Dáin Ironfoot gets Narvi's Belt and Steward of Gondor
Glóin gets Hardy Leadership and Boots from Erebor
Dwalin and Thalin both get Ever My Heart Rises and Dwarrowdelf Axe
Bifur gets Legacy of Durin

A Burning Brand can go on Longbeard Map-Maker and Erebor Hammersmith, or a Lore hero if needed.
The Protector of Lórien depends on who is questing/defending. First pick is a Dwarf because of cards that ready Dwarf characters, such as Erebor Record Keeper and Lure of Moria.
I used Gandalf most often to draw cards and quest.


Scenario objective cards

Flight from Moria notes

  • Try to keep your Victory points low, otherwise The Nameless Fear gets too powerful. Bypass quest cards.
  • Send minimal willpower on quests, to avoid clearing a quest card (victory points). Both decks have ways to reduce threat levels and boost willpower last minute if needed.
  • Half the Encounter deck is treachery cards. Some are really bad.
  • When discarding enemies and shadows in combat, put the weakest enemy on top. You don't want a Chance Encounter with a heavy hitter.
  • A Test of Will cannot be used on quest cards, because they are not revealed from the Encounter deck
  • Progress placed on side A of a quest card is discarded when it is flipped to side B


Quest Logs
Into the Pit 1
Into the Pit 2
The Seventh Level 1
The Seventh Level 2
Flight from Moria 1
Flight from Moria 2