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Wise Men's Feud
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ohuerc 289

This deck is a mess. What are the most critical things here?

Now, about the less critical combos:

Trying to get down to 50 cards was awful. I really wish I could justify keeping:

Also, reasonably likely to have a Message from Elrond and A Very Good Tale on turn 1, but card draw for the rest won't come together often. I tried to put a handful of 2-cost allies in here, so that it might still be worth using my own A Very Good Tale now and then, but it's really just not good anymore. Save them with Silver Harp or lose them.

What else am I not doing here? No Unexpected Courage, because I expect with enough allies we won't need it. But I'll keep Shadowfax. No Heir of Mardil either, even though it would go nicely on Prince Imrahil so that Denethor could trigger it literally any time. I didn't think of Favor of the Valar until much later, but I think I'm already good for attachments; I want to let the events crowd them out somewhat.

Finally, stuff I pulled out, in the sideboard:


May 05, 2019 Steinwill 49

Haha cool deck! Points for including message from Elron =D