Noble Sacrifice

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On a Wing and a Prayer
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MrObsolete 18


The goal here is to get Rohan allies quickly into (and out of) play, to aid in questing, keeping characters on their feet and drawing cards. Théoden's discount keeps the ally train rolling, and Gamling keeps them from shuffling off this mortal coil for good.


Éowyn does Éowyn things (and helps you dump extra copies of your uniques). Santa and Prince Imrahil are nice, versatile pieces to utilize in conjunction with the Eagle deck. If you need to help defend across the table while the other deck gets their eagles pumped up, you can buff up Theoden with Dúnedain Warning or a Protector of Lórien while Prince Imrahil whacks at enemies. If you want to focus on turning Théoden into an orc slayer, slap Herugrim and a Celebrían's Stone on him and watch him work.


Gamling is the key cog in this deck. He's here to make sure your army doesn't run out of bodies. Recycling Snowbourn Scout or The Riddermark's Finest allows for repeatable location control, while Westfold Horse-Breaker insures that the heroes can pull double duty in both questing and combat. Faramir gives you the questing oomph to push through key turns (or past crowded staging areas).


There's enough readying in this deck that Unexpected Courage should probably go across the table (Beravor is a great target). Similarly, Steward of Gondor may be of more use on Boromir or Brand son of Bain to help get those expensive Eagle allies out.


All the usual Spirit event suspects are here--treachery/shadow cancellation, threat reduction and recursion. Sneak Attack + Faramir is a viable combo during dire questing situations. Valiant Sacrifice pairs perfectly with the core conceit of the deck.

Wombo Combos

Gamling + Westfold Horse-Breaker

Bring in the Horse-Breaker on the cheap with Theoden, quest with him, discard him to pop a hero back up, activate Prince Imrahil's ability as well, then send him right back to your hand with Gamling. Rinse and repeat.

Gamling + Éomund + Ride to Ruin

As above, except everybody readies and you get to dump a bunch of progress on a location.

Théoden + Celebrían's Stone + Herugrim + Snowmane

4 questing + 7 attack in the same turn? Sounds like Christmas to me.


If you're looking to lower your threat a bit, Théodred is a thematically appropriate replacement for Prince Imrahil (though Sam Gamgee is probably a better all-round choice). If you're in need of some beefier allies that stick around a bit longer, Gimli and Anborn are excellent choices. Elfhelm is another solid addition, especially for quests with lots of threat raising encounter cards. These decks probably don't need any more card draw, but Campfire Tales just adds to the fun in multiplayer. Helm! Helm! and Stand and Fight offer more discard/recursion shenanigans. Stand and Fight in particular will help take some of the burden off Gamling.


Sep 28, 2020 doomguard 387

give it an extrapunch and put the muster of rohan in, but then theodred is strongly recomanded twice, because he generates more res at all, and his res can be used for that event because he is rohan.

Sep 29, 2020 MrObsolete 18

@doomguardThanks for the suggestion! I've seen some of the new Rohan cards in the latest cycle, and they all look really cool. Might be a while before we get our hands on them, but as soon as we do, I'll definitely be experimenting with them in this deck.