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askelad 300

askelad has a newer deck inspired by this one: Rosie quests for the table

This is a very straight-forward deck: mulligan for Nenya or Mirror of Galadriel (to dig for Nenya). With 2 mulligans and Mirror of Galadriel digging an extra 10, as well as a potential Song of Wisdom+Drinking Song it should come up most of the time. Declare rosie and frodo as questers, activating frodo's ability to ready rosie and Power of Command to raise . Use Nenya on rosie and rosie on frodo or herself. Quest for 19 from the first round.

Use Mirror of Galadriel, Master of the Forge and Expert Treasure-hunter for draw, Resourceful and Love of Tales for resource generation.

Use Fireside Song and all the songs, as well as Strider and Silver Circlet to boost Galadriel and Rosie Cotton's . Since rosie can boost herself, any buff on galadriel or her is practically doubled.

Include in any fellowship to solve from round 1 to the late game without taking up commonly used heroes or any relevant unique. The One Ring can be swapped out if necessary.

with enough Fast Hitch rosie and frodo can also defend one big attack, or if a sentinel defends it kill something chuncky (Master of the Forge can also be sacrificed once we got going). because rosie and galadriel's abilities can be used reactively, on rounds when there is not much need for rosie can boost any hobbit on the table and galadriel can use her natural ability. with frodo, galadriel and elrond's counsel we can stay in secrecy for a while, and if threat becomes tense accross the table we can soak it up with Song of Eärendil. Because of strider and rosie being and receiving Resourceful, losing frodo is not a big deal. Because rosie's ability can be used on any attribute we can still quest for 9/10 minimum in a battle or siege quest, while using frodo's ability on someone else's fighter.

sideboard includes cards that can come in according to the needs:

if no one is using Steward of Gondor, use it along with Blood of Númenor, Dúnedain Signal and Fast Hitch to make Rosie Cotton into a defender.

Gaffer Gamgee lets you Feint an attack every round, then kill with double Fast Hitch from Rosie Cotton and Frodo Baggins.

Warden of Healing and A Test of Will can come in if the quest needs it and the other players cannot provide.

Celebrían's Stone is an extra Silver Circlet if no one needs it.


Apr 08, 2021 doomguard 647

nice deck. avoid arrows ;). would give galadriel the ring and add Well Preserved and Ring of Barahir then she can tank some.

if using 2 contracts would be allowed, it could be made 3 hunters, that would be awesome.

Apr 08, 2021 askelad 300

@doomguardthanks, glad you like it!

how i wish contracts could stack... what would be the most overpowered combination of contracts and heroes i wonder? Mine would be three hunters+bond of friendship to spread out the attachments on 4 heroes

i've designed the core of the deck to be straightforward and focus on one thing, but usually test of will and warden of healing should be a minimum. In practice this version is usually overkill in willpower late game, so i would reduce the number of attachments (cut silver circlet and a few songs) to add test of will and warden of healing

another possibility is to cut mirror and harp entirely and have extra copies of nenya in another player's deck to balance the odds, that would free up a lot of space as well

the problem with giving the ring to galadriel is power of command only activates when the wearer commits to the quest, which she never does. Perhaps against an especially damage intensive scenario we could forego power of command and use well preserved on galadriel as a damage soaker.

Apr 08, 2021 doomguard 647

@power, i see. with Well Preserved + Ring of Barahir frodo get 5 hp that is also something for tanking.

@mirror+harp, i would cancel that. i never play mirror alone, to much of the time i discard the card i just draw and that makes me angry... and mirror+harp take to long with only 1 spirithero.

but i would increase the both spheresongs wisom and travel to 3 to increase the chances to get lore 1. turn.

if that is not enough then We Are Not Idle is another option to thin out the deck.

another option would be to play mirror, without harp and to include Reforged

Apr 08, 2021 askelad 300

@doomguard yep, on frodo would work. Good sideboard tech.

on mirror+harp: I think 3 mirrors is a staple, for one simple reason: we are heavily reliant on Nenya. Mirror on the first round lets us dig 10 cards deeper. Most of the time i really don't mind the discard in this deck: we have a lot of draw so our hand stays full, we have very few uniquely vital cards that we would miss dearly, and we are more often in a situation when the mirror helps us find those cards than in a situation when the mirror makes us discard them. Plus a lot of our cards are interchangeable so most of the discards have no impact. Overall any card is easier to find and keep with mirror in the deck than without.

i agree harp might be the weakest link: its useless without mirror, and even with mirror it is in essence 2 exhaust to draw 1 which at least the first Unexpected Courage does better, master of the forge does better, and treasure hunter does almost as much for 0.

However i don't think reforged should fill in that gap, because just like harp it is useless without mirror, and even with mirror it is only as good as the best card we have discarded, which often requires a few rounds to be better than average. I'd rather just play third copies of my best 2 of cards, and also fizzle treasure hunter and master of the forge less.

on the sphere songs same deal, i've gone back and forth. but because we are doing everything we can to find nenya, relying on song of wisdom for access early on rarely happens. still i might want to put them back at 3 each for consistency, but i'm conflicted on what to cut, the deck is very tight on space. Probably 2 harps for song of wisdom and a third courage.

Since we are tight on space i am reluctant to play We Are Not Idle and cut even more cards, and We Are Not Idle obscures visibility during mulligan (if you have an We Are Not Idle in hand before mulligan you don't know what card will replace it and wether to mulligan based on it). Plus it will occasionnaly fizzle a Expert Treasure-hunter. I've even considered cutting Daeron's Runes for the same reasons.

Apr 08, 2021 doomguard 647

you are right on all points. mathematically the mirror get you more than 80 % to keep the ring (if playing as 1. card 1. round and use it) if you dig it, but is a personal issue, that i have overgrowing statistical bad luck with the mirror.

a card to consider is perhaps the Imladris Stargazer.

Apr 09, 2021 askelad 300

@doomguard why Imladris Stargazer?

Apr 09, 2021 doomguard 647

if neither ring nor mirror is at hand, helps to get it earlier (masters are only playable after nenya/songs are out). after ring, it helps to get Fireside Song earlier.

Apr 09, 2021 doomguard 647

and increase hit-rate for Expert Treasure-hunter

Apr 09, 2021 askelad 300

sort of like a backup mirror then... but it's more expensive and less efficient. I'll consider it. Another option to increase the odds is (assuming we bump song of wisdom back up to 3) Heed the Dream, which requires song of wisdom but works so much better. With all of the lore draw adding heed the dream, song of wisdom becomes an almost guarantee to fond nenya.

I'll play with this version a bit (with 3 mirrors 3 song of wisdom and neither stargazer nor heed the dream) and if i find that nenya hides in the bottom of the deck too often, we'll figure out what to use to improve the odds.

Apr 09, 2021 doomguard 647

Gather Information is another possibility to get it at least 2 (+) round.

the mirror shuffles after use, so, it should not stay long at the bottom of the deck, right?

Drinking Song is better then Heed the Dream

Apr 09, 2021 askelad 300

@doomguardi'm trying to stay away from side quests lately, make my decks more adaptable to scenarios that don't leave the opportunity. However if a deck can pull off gather information it's probably this one, withe the high willpower output we rarely need multiple rounds to clear a stage. Plus it helps the rest of the table which is good given the purpose of the deck to insert itself in multiplayer. consider gather information added. In the same vein Heed the Dream has an advantage over Imladris Stargazer by being more useful in a multiplayer context once we have hit Nenya since it can be used to help another player find a key card.

when i say hiding in the bottom i mean not showing up repeatedly in the sample we are looking at (which is equivalent from a probabilistic perspective), nenya could be 11 cards from the top when we activate mirror and shuffling the deck is just as likely to move it down than up.

i agree drinking song is better, which is why we already have 3 of it. Potentials Imladris Stargazer and Heed the Dream would not replace Mirror of Galadriel or Drinking Song which are better versions, but rather replace some of the fuel, sacrificing a bit of mid-late game willpower for consistency, which it seems the deck can afford from the testing i have done.

A third option is to use the deck space generated by dumping fuel not for consistency (the benefits of which become more marginal the more of it we add) but for extra utility like main decking A Test of Will and Warden of Healing (or Well Preserved if that seems best): it comes down to comparing the odds of a loss due to lack of nenya to the odds of a loss due to lack of A Test of Will or healing

Apr 09, 2021 doomguard 647

o.k.summary, if not knowing, what my mates have, my solution would be:


Apr 09, 2021 askelad 300


i agree on most additions, except stargazer which i think is too clunky. Instead i would add Gather Information, which does a better job of helping get nenya second round if it all goes wrong while not costing any resource and helping the table.

Also i would like to add a third Unexpected Courage because having it earlier helps with draw, and any extra will always find a good target on the table or serve as Fast Hitch replacment.

i agree on taking out the harps and one of circlet and song of earendil.

i strongly disagree on Expert Treasure-hunter (because it's a 0 cost draw engine) and Strider (because it is a 1 +4 , that is good enough to want it as early as possible, i would rather cut the last circlet or another song of earendil) and Resourceful (we have a lot of costs to pay and card draw, without it or Song of Travel galadriel struggles to keep up and we get a hand that is clogged with unplayed cards)

i mildly disagree on Master of the Forge, it is an excellent draw engine (almost striclty better than stargazer) and can chump.

I think we don't want to take away from the resource and draw engine, it's better to take away from the attachments.

from play testing we are quickly in overkill willpower wise, and of draw and resource generation it tends to be resource that is overkill. So the priority in cutting should be first willpower attachments, then resource generation (i'm not sure yet which of Love of Tales or Resourceful is weaker) and never card draw.

Apr 09, 2021 askelad 300

part of me is also tempted to just cut the song package altogether and rely entirely on Strider, Celebrían's Stone and Silver Circlet, because the songs are useless without Fireside Song but once we have fireside song and a bunch of songs we are already in willpower overkill anyway.

that would mean we cut:

which frees up 15 spaces which we would fill with:

we would have a much higher density of multiple uniques however, which weakens the late game (with all 4 Strider, Celebrían's Stone, Silver Circlet and Power of Command we are still questing for a respectable 31 ) but those uniques clogging up the hand would end up being discarded to Daeron's Runes or Mirror of Galadriel eventually. Protector of Lórien could also be used to turn each redudant unique in hand into a one-time 2 boost. We could also play a few copies of Cram and Lembas to help ready heroes accross the table.

Apr 09, 2021 doomguard 647

would not cut the firesidetree. you draw so much attachements its worth it. in addition, you need drinking, travel and wisdom, the others just a few more.

without the songs you will not be able to quest for the whole table. 31 is not enough. solo and ith 2 players it could be but not with 3 or 4.

Apr 09, 2021 askelad 300

@doomguard you're right, 31 is not enough for a full table, maybe that version would be more suitable for 2 players or 3 with a little bit of questing from the others.

so fireside stays at 3 because it's so important, drinking stays at 3 because its a free mulligan, wisdom stays at 3 because without nenya we have no other way to play , ithink travel and earendil can go down to 2 if needed because they are not crucial to the early game.

Apr 10, 2021 askelad 300

@doomguard so i've tested the deck a bit this afternoon, and i think you were right on Resourceful: Love of Tales and having a relatively low curve is enough, i was too often hoarding resources with an empty hand. Plus, without Elrond's Counsel or an Unexpected Courage to make galadriel work double shifts, any doom or threat raising effect makes it unplayable. So i've cut it, and i've cut Unexpected Courage as well because without need for secrecy using galadriel's ability becomes less relevant.

I've used the space to add Gather Information (not much to find nenya since without it we struggle to quest, but more as a table wide tutor+it helps find Fireside Song or Strider), A Test of Will as discussed, and Song of Healing: i've prefered it over Well Preserved because we want the ring on rosie or frodo anyway so well preserved would heal 2 damage at best, while the occasionnal 1 damage heal from song of healing is more approriate for tiny hobbits. It serves less as a damage soak and more as a safety net. Also Song of Healing is a 0 cost song which makes it great with Fireside Song and Love of Tales.

to sum up the changes from this version:

Apr 10, 2021 doomguard 647

song of healing is a good idea, then all heroes can get 1.

when song of healing i would add 1 Elven-light

would not take 3 strider, but that is a question of personal preferences i think.

Apr 10, 2021 askelad 300

I don't think we are going to need the amount of discarding Elven-light is good for except against specifically damage intensive scenarios.

However if we are going to dedicate a card slot and some resource to fueling discard, we might want to consider putting Silver Harp back in.

After all, we had harp initially because it works with mirror too, while without Song of Healing Elven-light is useless. If we are using discard fodder Elven-light works with 2 cards in the deck while Silver Harp works with 5, one of which we actively mulligan for.

but then again, on galadriel Unexpected Courage does essentially the same thing, needing neither mirror nor song and lowering threat. We are not an erestor deck, just drawing more cards works fine as discard fodder, in fact it is better because it cycles through to help us find the next big piece we need

so it boils down to the amount of draw engine we want, and unless another hero needs it accross the table courage is a worst draw engine than any other in the deck (master of the forge digs, treasure hunter costs 0)

as for Strider, 1 measly resource for 4 is a huge powerspike, on the round it comes down it makes a really big difference. Having 3 is not a big deal, we are gonna need to discard cards to Daeron's Runes, Song of Healing and Mirror of Galadriel anyway so the extra copies never sit in the hand very long.

Apr 10, 2021 doomguard 647

elvenlight is also good for carddraw. o.k. an unexpected courage does the same, but is ore expensive.and sometimes you need a card in the first 3 rounds, but not want to pay 2 res. AND you have the possibility for more damagesoaking.

nut, that is finetuning. i would play with 2 strider 1 elvenlight you do 3 strider, that is not much of a big deal.

Apr 10, 2021 askelad 300

what is your discard outlet to discard elven-light in the first 3 rounds? you would need either mirror in which case you are paying 2 resource or song of healing which is a 2 of.

fine-tuning is part of the fun! i think the deck is good the way it is right now, so i'm updating it.

Apr 10, 2021 doomguard 647

3 mirror, 3 darons runes, 3 healingsongs thats enough for me.