Errant Riders (updated)


Note: Updated/corrected after additional play. This is a new version of my mount-centric fellowship, Ready Riders. While it is a consistent performer, I found the Buff/Defend deck a bit weaker and slower than its partner. Adding a bit of healing and resource smoothing turned out to be a big improvement in this update. The overall strategy is still the same, but with added sidequesting perks, it ramps quickly thanks to an early The Storm Comes.

Errant Riders is a two-handed fellowship featuring Aragorn, Idraen, and Théoden in an engage/kill deck, and buffing up/defending with the Thurindir, Erkenbrand, and Elfhelm deck.

  1. Buff the heroes' stats using Elfhelm's passive ability and mounts.
  2. Quest with big numbers, then use the mounts to ready up after questing and during engagement.
  3. Provide a solid sentinel defense, readying, cancelling/discarding shadows with Erkenbrand and Armored Destrier.
  4. Use Aragorn's "Scorpion" ability to systematically kill and engage enemies, making good use of Steed of the North and Rohan Warhorse.
  5. Sidequest to smooth: Use Thurindir to play The Storm Comes on Turn 1 in order to smooth the cost of off-sphere allies throughout the game.
  6. Turtling. Build the player's board state by avoiding main quest progress through the use of sidequests. Use the rewards of the sidequests to further increase the board state:

    -Keep Watch: (-1) to engaged enemies

    -Double Back: reduce threat by 5 for each player

    -Prepare for Battle: card draw for first player

    -Gather Information: search decks for combo building

Attachment Assignments:

-Aragorn: Steed of the North, Rohan Warhorse, Wingfoot, Sword that was Broken, Arod

-Théoden: Snowmane, Gúthwinë, Rohan Warhorse or Golden Shield

-Idraen: Steed of the North and Windfola

-Thurindir: Steed of the North

-Erkenbrand: Armored Destrier, Armored Destrier, Steward of Gondor, Magic Ring

-Elfhelm: Armored Destrier, Golden Shield


The / deck is the real star of the Fellowship, though the / deck is critical to its success. Try to get mounts during the opening draw and attach them as suggested above. Use Westfold Horse-breeder "the horse whifferer" to seek additional mounts.

Questing should not be an issue, as buffing the heroes with mounts and completing side quests with Thurindir will keep the numbers up. Idraen can quest every turn, as her ability will keep her ready to assist Aragorn with kills. Théoden will also quest on Snowmane. Aragorn can quest with a Steed of the North and be ready when the enemies start to engage.

The deck has a higher starting threat, so it should be easier to engage enemies in pairs. That way Erkenbrand can use his Armored Destrier to sentinel defend, cancelling when necessary with his ability, and discarding the shadow card to defend the second enemy. Arwen Undómiel should be used to buff up Erkenbrand, and things can get a little crazy when you use her to give a non-exhausting Vigilant Dúnadan +1 and sentinel.

Steed of the North on Idraen and Rohan Warhorse on Aragorn will keep readying the pair up every time they kill or engage another enemy, so the board will usually be clear of foes by the end of the round.

Use the discard abilities of the Rohan allies (Háma, Westfold Outrider, Grimbold). Gamling and Théoden with Gúthwinë will keep them coming back for cheap.

Proud Hunters and Well Warned are perfect for the Aragorn deck since you have all of the requirements to play them and your choice of enemies to engage.

Side quest allies: You will have The Storm Comes completed early in the game, so Rider of Rohan will stay ready after questing, Vigilant Dúnadan won't exhaust to block, Halfast Gamgee will be discounted, and Halfling Bounder can provide additional when revealed cancellation.


Card draw/searching: Ancient Mathom, Prepare for Battle, Heed the Dream, Gather Information, and Sneak Attack Gandalf

Threat management: Well Warned, Sneak Attack Gandalf, The Galadhrim's Greeting, and Double Back

Resources: Steward of Gondor, Magic Ring, and Théoden's discount. Smoothing is provided by The Storm Comes.

Healing: Dúnedain Remedy, Warden of Healing, and Ioreth. Keeping Erkenbrand healthy is crucial.

Treachery control: Three copies of A Test of Will and three Halfling Bounders.

Location management: West Road Traveller is used to avoid travel costs by swapping out the active when played.