Haldir, the sneaky Assassin

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Sabertom 13

Haldir, the Assassin

This Deck is build around Haldir of Lórien and his ability to attack enemies in the staging area. My goal was to give Haldir as much attack power as possible and keep the threat low, so enemies never engage. The Weapon with the most attack power is Legacy Blade , given that there are three Sidequests in the victory Display. Two Blacdes attached on Haldir let him attack with 9. This is enough to one-shoot most of the enemies in the Game. But wait! Speaking of Sniping and Blades?! That does not fit together. So in this deck Haldir is a sneaky assassin! ;)

The other Heroes

  • I added Thurindir to get the first Sidequest in the opening hand. Like Haldir and the Blades growing in Attack Power for every Sidequest, Thurindir grows in Willpower and quests for 5 later in the Game.
  • Folco Boffin is only in the Line up to help questing and having three Ressources the first few turns. He will be discarded and replaced by Resourceful and Strider early in the game.

To further controll the staging area there are Asfaloth, Mirkwood Explorer and Rhovanion Outrider, handling locations.


With Thurundirs Ability get out Gather Information and try to clear it asap. Mulligan for Strider and ideally an ally with cost and willpower of 2 (Quickbeam, Mablung) to help in early questing (you can quest for 10 in the first turn). Try getting one or two Legacy Blade on Haldir to start sniping into the Staging Area. I added Glamdring in the deck for a higher chance to get out two weapons quickly. When Gather Information is cleared search your deck for The Storm Comes and clear it right after.

If there is at least one copy of Resourceful and Strider in your hand, you can play Strider, discard Folco to go into Secrecy and play Resourceful for 1 Resource.

The first turns are the critical ones (as most of the time in LOTR LCG). Any ideas how to handle the first two Sidequests more quickly are very welcome in the comments! A nice trick (thanks to Seastan) in quests that start with the keyword Battle you can switch Folco for Éowyn and use her abilitiy to quests with her for 9 in the first round. A Pendant for "normal" Quest Cards would be perfect.

Other Cards:


  • If needed Treebeard and Vigilant Dúnadan and Ambush are in the Sideboard for Defense in quests where enemies attack by quest mechanic.
  • Ranger Spear is used in quests when needed 4 in the first round (and no chance to clear the first sidequest in Round One, e.g. the Harbor Thug in Peril in Pelagir)
  • Athelas when nasty conditions driving you mad.
  • Lembas when Haldir has to attack twice in a round
  • The Events I did not use do far, but could also used to prevent enemies to engage , Arrows from the Trees to deal direct damage in the staging area.

Comments are welcome!


May 14, 2019 TheChad 4871

Really nice Haldir deck!

May 14, 2019 Sabertom 13

Thank you @TheChad . I saw your decks 'Haldirs Song' and 'Thalion:Beastmode' . Both were really helpful while testing and improving the deck. :)

May 16, 2019 HerrBlumen 3

I'm new to this game, but... how do you play the non-Lore cards if all your heroes are Lore? I'm not trying to be dense, but I looked at the cards in your deck and don't see any that allow you to ignore the spheres. Help would be greatly appreciated!

May 16, 2019 Sabertom 13

@HerrBlumen (from Germany as the name suggests? ;) ): you need to quest through the sidequest 'The Storm Comes' . Then it has the effect: 'While this quest is in the victory display, the first ally played by each player each round does not require a resource match.' . So you can pay with every sphere's ressources for all allies, no matter which sphere the ally belongs to (only the first played ally each round per player though).

May 17, 2019 Sabertom 13

I forgot: With Elf-Stone you can put one ally into play of any sphere, after the attached Location leaves play. Regardless of the sphere of your heroes.