its time for war!

doomguard 119


idea is, only use tactic and neutral cards in a 4-deck-combo. and there it ist:

in general: with theoden the quester (theoden, eowyn, hirgon, bard,mablung) quests for 17 til the 1. round. there are much allies with willpower (some eagles, skinchanger, uniques) that will improve the questing power.

carddraw should be realized with foehammer and eagles are coming. there are enough weapons between these decks that as soon as one get foehammer he will get at least one weapon.

each deck has its specialeffects and synergys with the others.

melee: even naked mostly 3 attacks with aragorn (brand and merry participating nacked together with 7 + aragorns defense reduction, but 1. weapon should go to aragorn. brand readys merry, merry readys aragorn. 1. warhorse goes to brand, that will add a whole attack of these 3)

ranged: put as many warhorses and gondolinblades on them. that will add a good portion of progress. even the explore-deck should put their gondolinblades to the ranges heroes. legolas with a horse and a blade is wort 6 progress!!!

defense: obious i think ;) even without courage(s) beregond can defend more often with a ring and behind strong walls and hold your ground (in addition to the feint of course...) and if beregond cannot defend longer htere is grimbeorn or dori. dori can specially in the first rounds help to defend really hard enemys (add the bonus to beregond).

explore: try to use meneldor and the guardian if there are to much lokations in the staging area.

(nearly) each of the deck has meneldor and grimbold. try to use meneldor as much as possible and let him die through achery (then put him to an eagle of the misty mountains) or take him back for "flight of the eagles". these eagles are your longterm-increase specially for questing.