dwarfes with strider

doomguard 1322


this is an all-dwarf fellowship supported by a striding aragorn to explore the locations. they might have problems with quests that only allow to reduce thread by 1 per round but everything else should be doable

roles are clear, the dwarfes do the work (questing and fighting) and aragorn secures they can do so and do not get lost in the wilderness.

  • this is a mighty fellowship that heavyly rely on Dáin Ironfoot
  • it can be played with one set of cards
  • it is thematic, no dwarfes as stewards in gondor or untolkien-isch happenings (if someone want to get more pure, remove The One Ring and a handfull of allies like Treebeard

some little advices to the decks:


  • best defending deck of all these
  • thx to Bombur and Óin it can pay 2-cost tacticcards from the start, mulligan for Wait no Longer it helps a lot in the beginning of multiplayergames at the start
  • do not hesitate to use Well-Equipped as soon you get it, many attachements there
  • try to get gimli some damage early (undefended small attack or archery)
  • Bombur likes to be used for We Are Not Idle or Healing Herbs if he is not needed for defense



  • is more or less the "what is left"-deck but nevertheless with many options because of the contract the cards can only be 2 times in a deck so many cards are left 1 time to use here
  • you have Balin and Hasty Stroke so try to keep one of them ready to cancel the nastieest shadow that will come
  • Legacy of Durin should go on the thorin-deck
  • very flexible with Durin's Song
  • carddraw with Foe-hammer if you have no weapon yourself make sure to get one from the other dwarfes
  • with Deep Knowledge and Defiant Challenge you are there if the situation becomes dire, hope you do not need it ;)
  • do not forget Ori, you need only 1 dwarf more to use his ability


  • aragorn is mainly there against the locations, but can become a joker in dire situations
  • with Strider as default-attachement from the start (contract) he can quest up to 8 (4 from willpower and up to 4 from his ability, he is ready because of strider). with 4 player there is very likely 1+ location in the staging
  • with The Master Ring he can avoid the worst encountercard if needed. i recomand to take this as default master -card (from The One Ring ) in battleheavy scebarious consider Inner Strength as default-master
  • with Rhovanion Outrider and Northern Tracker and his ability you will soon be able to take care of the locations
  • give Unexpected Courage and Miruvor to the kings of the dwarfes and gimli
  • do not forget to try a Resourceful then (with contract) you can pay a Northern Tracker within a round
  • if needed, become a joker with Helm of Secrecy to bocome either a better defender and change to Beregond or save some dwarfes to threaten out with #galadriel or become Bard the Bowman if a good ranged attack is needed to kill the villian consider even to bocome Dáin Ironfoot if he has to leave the game before
  • with Silver Circlet your willpower can raise to 6 and your ability becomes even better
  • use Well Preserved if much direct damage is needed
  • the Ring of Barahir gives you (at least) 2 hp becasue of the The One Ring
  • use The Galadhrim's Greeting for your dwarfbuddys
  • use Thorongil to become a better fighter Aragorn or multiple options if used after Helm of Secrecy