4 Monosphere decks

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Comments on this fellowship strategies

The idea behind this fellowship was to play all the Númenor cycle, with each player using a mono-sphered deck. We allowed ourselves to only use published cards up to the end of the Númenor cycle and it's deluxe box. Each player made his own deck, then before the first adventure we tuned the decks for better synergies. From then on, we polished the decks a bit during the following adventures.

Due to this high synergies I don't think any of them could survive for itself outside this fellowship, without some tweaks, except maybe, for the red one, that came out pretty strong on its own, still, it is lacking in resources and draw, but specially draw, since none of the cards is super expensive, but you need to play the cards carefully to not burn all your hand.

I am pretty sure they can be fine-tuned a little bit more to further expand the synergies, but we leave that for a future adventure cycle, in which we could include new and hopefully better cards to the decks.

Looking into the adventures, we struggled with the Drúadan forest (Which we tried at least 4 times) and also the massing at Osgiliath. For the rest of the cycle we had quite Epic moments, so fun is assured, and the limitations on the deck building worked out to have a nicer adventuring experience. Making the cycle not easy nor super hard.

General strategies are:

Lore deck

Is a drawing engine, whether for himself or for the other players (looking for a Gandalf/Sneak Attack, a cancellation/Unexpected Courage , or some Feint/Hands Upon the Bow. It can also staple the enemies on the staging area (Advance warning) which has saved us more than a couple of times! and includes some control for the staging area (radagast's cunning/secret paths/strider's path). Allowing Dunhere to make some attacks(Dunhere to the knee!). It usually gives A Burning Brand to Beregond, so he can be "the defender of the realm" if he already has a Song of Wisdom on. Bilbo Baggins is there for the extra card that gives to the first player each round, and for the Good Meal mini combo. As a side note, you'll be required to switch Faramir out, for Denethor in a couple of adventures.

Spirit deck

This deck is key for it's cancellation (Eleanor, Hasty Stroke, and A Test of Will) and for some powerful cards that spirit has (Unexpected Courage, Arwen Undómiel, Northern Tracker, Ancient Mathom, The Galadhrim's Greeting...) each of them invaluable for its effects on the table. This deck is quite resource hungry, so in general, Leadership deck helps with this issue. Another nice touch that the deck has, is that it can bring back those cheap resource giving allies also Stand and Fight to bring back those cheap allies from leadership/tactics. So Prince Imrahil can stand turn after turn. As a side note, Arwen, usually gives centinel to Imrahil/Boromir, or to Denethor/Faramir or even Glorfindel or Beregond.

Leadership deck

This deck is mainly a resource generator for all the players (it must keep Steward of Gondor for itself, but since almost all the cards are cheap, the deck can constantly give resources where they are most needed.) being this the main goal of this deck. It also acts as a support for Legolas (Prince Imrahil), and Thalin (Fresh Tracks) when they cannot kill enemies on their own. And also gives support on questing to spirit, since the tactics deck, usually only provides one questing point (Thalin). Campfire Tales in a four player game are self explanatory, since one resource for four cards is a bargain, playing Valiant Sacrifice is quite nice, and not only for yourself! Another important card here is Grim Resolve, which has literally won us more than a couple of adventures! Rear Guard is on the deck because I think this fellowship weakest point is questing and it can give a little push, witch alongside Protector of Lórien and Secret Paths have saved us many menace points!

Tactics deck

This deck is a combat specialist, whether it is with Legolas (plus Hands Upon the Bow and Rivendell Blade or a Dúnedain Mark if he has not found the blade) or Beregond with a Spear of the Citadel and a Gondorian Shield, has killed many many frightful enemies! Legolas's kills greatly surpass what this deck gives on the questing phase. Thalin also contributes to the win, because he silently puts one damage on each and every enemy every single turn, and that is a LOT in a four player game. This single damage paired with the one coming from Swift Strike, the Spear of the Citadel and other cards can kill a lot of hideous enemies. Boromir from leadership goes very well for the allies on this deck, and given the chance a Visionary Leadership comes around, they can even help in questing!