A Shadow in the East & Vengeance of Mordor Cycle

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That's it! It's the end of the road for the "regular" cycles, and Ulchor is waiting for his revenge!


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The Fellowship

Since we started with the Hobbit Saga, I had always strived to use new archetypes and heroes we hadn't used before. I had to make an exception for this final cycle. The cycle is very demanding in many many aspects, and the Rohan decks I had built at first were not up to the task. The Rohirrim are probably the most incomple trait in all LOTR LCG (I mean, ok, you can't exactly make a hundred different Woodman decks, but at least the few we have are quite strong) and we'll greatly benefit from The Children of Eorl Deluxe Expansion designed and developed by AleP, in which I'm happily taking a part.

Ring of Bahadriel

A very straightforward Forth, The Three Hunters! deck. Of course, this isn't the best sphere to get you Restricted attachments, but there enough to get you there and with Galadriel, Mirror of Galadriel+Silver Harp, Ancient Mathom and Arwen Undómiel/Éowyn+Elven-light your card draw should be insane.

You have a lot of cards true, but they're all 2-ofs (except for the super important ones) so it does not clutter your deck/hand and still gives you cards to ditch to Éowyn, the Steed of Imladris, Mirror of Galadriel (at random but you never know, and you can retrieve whatever you don't want to lose with the Silver Harp) and Arwen Undómiel.

As usual with a Forth, The Three Hunters! deck, I'm giving below the ideal line-up of attachments:

The Steed of Imladris are there... to get you there! They are cheap and you won't always obtain the best line-up.

Multiplayer notes. You have the supporting rules, so don't be selfish:

The deck is not resource intensive, so draw as much cards as you can with your Mirror of Galadriel and Elven-light, it goes exponentially.

Ideally, you can draw your whole deck and then recycle a couple times the most important cards in your discard pile. There was a game where I played Elrond's Counsel eight times, 3 normally, 3 more with Will of the West and 2 more with the Map of Earnil.

I really like South Away!+Ancient Mathom to avoid nasty travel effects in the mid-game, as well as Backtrack, a card I don't see played often but which is very very good.

The Hour of Wrath

Played like a standard mono-. This is my first Forth, The Three Hunters! deck and I'm really satisfied. Armor and Weapons are usually cheap and even more when Beregond is on the table. The least I can say is that this deck is not resource-intensive, freeing you for playing all those yummy powerful events.

And of course, healing. Healing in , yep.

As usual, best line-up for a F3H deck, as a guideline to play the deck:


Thorongil has 3 eligible targets depending on the scenario:

  • Éowyn in case early game, you don't have Herugrim and need to kill off something,
  • Beregond is an idea, you can lower the deck threat. Beregond becomes available as a but a Silver Circlet or Steed of Imladris isn't exactly useful here...
  • Aragorn is the natural pick if you want to benefit from a built-in effect, quest like crazy and still be up and ready for the Combat phase. The sentinel keyword is also quite nice.
  • Aragorn will although probably be your prime choice, since his ability is insane and virtually solve any issue the might have with threat.
  • Aragorn or Legolas have no purpose here.


  • The River Running: 0/6 with our Rohan decks, 1/2 with the Fellowship above
  • Danger in Dorwinion: 1/1
  • Temple of Doom: 1/1
  • Wrath and Ruin: 1/1
  • The City of Ulfast: was of course unwinable with those decks (you'll see why once you play it). So we had to revert to specific decks
  • Challenge of the Wainriders: 2/2 (yeah, we played it twice and won twice, because I thought we had made the piloting tests wrong the first time, but we actually did not)
  • Under the Ash Mountain: 1/1
  • Land of Sorrow: 1/2 until Beorn told me I couldn't have played Thorongil from the deck on Aragorn, so we had to replay it and breezed through it again.
  • The Fortress of Nurn: 1/7, with the following notes:
  1. The first two times around, we didn't have Straight Shot which is of tremendous help in this scenario (lots of 1 enemies)
  2. I increased the rate loss by +20%, because I decided we couldn't win if The Armies of Mordor was not one of the objectives under a Castle side quest (it was always the first we chose, because it's the easiest, and Straight Shot doesn't damage those enemies). Actually, I still setup the quest each time properly and this case only appeared once...
  3. Backtrack is amazing in that quest. Place progress tokens on the quest 1B, then remove tokens to clear a nasty location, avoid the Travel effect and on the next turn, be able to quest again on 1B, where you couldn't normally quest if you had already 3 tokens. Main target for this effet is the 4- location that prevents you from damaging enemies in the staging area. This is important since Hands Upon the Bow circumvents The Armies of Mordor. Beware although of that location preventing you from placing progress tokens anywhere else than itself.
  4. Legolas placing tokens on the quest was always one of my favourite effect in the game. It's been really helpful all cycle, and even more so in this quest so you're never location-locked.
  5. Don't play The One Ring or Well Preserved in that scenario. The combo is much more difficult to pull out, you lose a Restricted attachment, but being eliminated at 40 threat if The Tower of Barad-dur is in the staging area makes it near impossible.

Dec 01, 2020 Alonewolf87 646

Very cool Fellowship.

Just one bit I am not sure about, on Arwen you say that having Strider on her will help her be ready to avoid treacheries or having an hero to exhaust for Travel effects, but in this deck Strider will only give the Willpower boost, Arwen will still exhaust. Perhaps Light of Valinor can help there.

Also no Sterner than Steel in the Tactics deck?

Dec 01, 2020 banania 1000

I wrote the description before actually playing the deck, and noticed that later about Strider. I have removed that comment. Yes, Light of Valinor is a valid option here,.

I like Sterner than Steel and wished we had it a couple times, but most shadow effects were ok, like:

  • "deal 1 damage"-y covered by the contrat
  • "return enemy to the staging area"-y covered by Aragorn
  • "additional attack"-y covered by Beregond
  • "+1 def/att"-y same Only the "discard an attachment you control" were totally uncounterable, except maybe with an extra Golden Belt you don't need, or if you have the ability to replace the lost card with something in your hand.