Powerful 4 player Mono Deck


This is my best mono sphere fellowship that I've made with the cards I own. I played with my brothers the other day, and we destroyed Passage Through Mirkwood and Escape From Umbar. We were so close to beating Into Ithilien, but lost because we revealed both copies of Southron Support making 2 of the decks threat out.

Now I'm going to explain the decks a little bit


Heroes: Basically straight forward. Hirgon provides but also allows us to get more allies out for cheap. Don't be shy about his second ability to boost the allies stats, the other decks can always lower your threat. Beregond is an insane defender who can get his Spear and Armor out onto him for cheap. And Legolas is the main attacker for the fellowship. Put whatever weapons come out first onto him, then you can always discard some attachments to put better ones on him if you want to. You'll also notice Bard the Bowman in the sideboard. If you want you can switch Legolas out for him.

Allies: the Beornings and Boromir are good with Hirgon's cost lowering ability. Gandalf you'll usually want for combat, but he can also drop threat in a pinch, too. The rest are cheap combat allies, who can be even cheaper with Hirgon.

Attachments: A ton of them are restricteds for the attackers (Legolas, Bard the Bowman (if you're going with him), Glorfindel, and Aragorn). Some of them are for the defenders (Beregond, Defender of Rammas, Gimli, etc.) Horn of Gondor should probably go on Théodred, and Magic Ring on whoever you feel like.

Events and Side Quests Behind Strong Walls is usually for Beregond and the Defender of Rammas, but keep in mind whoever gets Steward can also use it. Feint and Thicket of Spears can help avoid enemy attacks. Foe-hammer for card draw, Hands Upon the Bow and Quick Strike to take out enemies before they attack or engage. Open the Armory works magic in this deck (it should never whiff). Wait no Longer in case you would rather have enemies then locations. Lastly, Keep Watch to lower enemies attack strength.


Heroes: Éowyn is the main quester, Glorf can quest then attack with Light of Valinor, and Nori is there for threat lowering and OK , but feel free to switch him out for someone like Fastred. Glorfindel can also be switched out for Legolas.

Allies: Arwen Undómiel can boost whoever needs it, Bilbo Baggins can grab his Pipe. Dwalin can be cheap, but there's better defenders than him, if you want to switch him out. Erebor Guard is a cheap dwarf who'll drop your threat from Nori, Kili and Fili are good if you have a surplus of resources, but otherwise feel free to switch them out. The Stargazer is primarily for the Lore deck for Vilya, but there is two of them, so another deck could use it. Northern Tracker for location control, Rider of Rohan are good, Rider of the Mark is shadow-control (if you give them over to Elrond's deck he can send them back with Vilya.) Ziggies are cheap dwarfs.

Attachments: Light of Valinor goes to Glorfy, Unexpected Courage goes on Beregond, and the others can go to Aragorn or Elrond or whoever. And Blood is good if there are some big attack enemies.

Events and Side Quests Rally the West is huge for boosts. The events are mostly self explanatory. Light the Beacons is a fun one I almost never use. Fortune or Fate for emergencies.


Heroes: Thurindir can get up to a lot of , Elrond is mainly used for his stats, though his healing ability could come in handy. Aragorn for massive threat lowering. Thurindir starts with Explore Secret Ways, but if you own it, I think Scout Ahead would be better.

Allies: Healing is covered by the Warden 's and the Daughter . Lookout's and Bounder's are extra cancellation. Envoy of Pelargir helps with resource smoothing. Eryn Galen Settler with location control. Gléowine for card draw, Henamarth Riversong for scrying, Ithilien Tracker for lowering threat in the staging area, and Miners for removing conditions. Most of the attachments in this deck are only 1 of's because of the Master of the Forge. And Gandalf can do whatever.

Attachments: Asfaloth for Glorfy, Dúnedain Pipe for draw, Forest Snare and Ranger Spikes are helpful. Legacy Blade and Protector of Lórien can be really good. The Road Goes Ever On for more side quests. And Vilya which is actually not that important here. It's main use is the resource icon, but if you don't need Elrond's action, a free card can never hurt.

Events and Side Quests: Lot's of threat management events. Secret Paths and Radagast's Cunning along with Out of the Wild. Daeron's Runes is good draw, and The Free Peoples is really helpful. Desperate Alliance will let Aragorn drop everyone's threat.


Heroes: Théodred helps with resources, Gimli with action advantage and defense, and Kahliel... is basically good for whatever, and he can do two actions sometime with his ability.

Allies: The Haradrim are for Kahliel to buy. Erestor and Galadriel can help with card draw. Andrath Guardsman, Knight of Dale, and Snowbourn Scout's are good for combat. And Errand-rider and Halfast Gamgee can provide resource smoothing.

Attachments: Celebrían's Stone goes on Éowyn or another quester to boost . Song of Hope, Kahliel's Headdress, and Sword that was Broken will help with . Cram, Path of Need, and Steed of the North will help with action advantage. Dwarven Shield and Haradrim Spear are good for combat. And the MVP of this deck... King Under the Mountain. It's such a good card. It's really important to find this in your opening hand, because this deck is a couple cards over 50 and card draw will help.

Events and Side Quests: Prepare for Battle is so good. We Are Not Idle and Valiant Sacrifice are good draw. Sneak Attack is for Gandalf, obviously. And Bulwark of the West for emergencies.

Overall, A super fun fellowship! Thanks for looking, and I hope you want to try this out!


Apr 26, 2021 Truck 663

You got me. I want to try it out. Too bad I don't have the cards.

Apr 26, 2021 GreenWizard 156

Cool. I love making fellowships like these. First one I've posted though

Apr 30, 2021 doomguard 687

i would replace Aragorn with Pippin. then no one has startingthread of 30 or more and the enemys have engagementcost of 1. then if availaible scip Out of the Wild with Drinking Song

i think aragorns thradreduction is not really needed, there are some gandalfs and greetings around